The Old Reader Unveils New Look and New Mobile Interface to Fight Social Media Depression

The Old Reader Introduces New Design and New Interface to Deliver the Best Content on the Web.

Madison, WI, February 23, 2017 --( The Old Reader, a leading RSS application for the open web, has redesigned and reengineered the way users read and enjoy their favorite web content. The new look delivers the best reading experience on the web with none of the manipulation found in social media.

The Old Reader believes that social media is no longer a useful tool for reading online. Consider that social media sites are now trouble for censorship, and new social media apps are just looking for new ways to to monetize multimedia. Meanwhile, TOR has quietly been growing and attracting new users. The Old Reader now has 620,000 registered users and growing.

The Next Gen RSS Reader
The next version of The Old Reader is a mobile app that lets you swipe through the top new articles in your feeds, read anything you want, or come back to read something later. Instead of scrolling through your social media feed, you can scroll through the top articles, comics, news, or blogs of your choice. The company is confident this and other enhancements will help revitalize the once-thriving RSS market.

We call it our new reading view. It’s like old school Instagram in that the only view is most recent to oldest, although you can modify that by changing your sorting preference. You just read and swipe to move forward or backward. You can share, like, comment as usual but the really great thing is the format feature. It basically takes partial posts and brings them back in their entirety and formatted for the browser.

The Old Reader is technology that gets you the news you want to see, not what gets stuffed into your feed by an advertising algorithm. “ This is one of the most exciting updates we’ve made in a while and it’s changed the way that I personally I use The Old Reader,” says Ben Wolf, CEO of The Old Reader. “It’s revolutionary only its simplicity, but it truly puts the focus on reading and has improved that experience for all of our users.”

The Old Reader’s new Reader View is currently available for all premium subscribers in the Experiment’s section on the website, and will be introduced for all users in the near future. Look for more information and news on the Old Reader blog.

About the Old Reader
The Old Reader is a web-based news aggregator that delivers website, blog, and other Internet content to mobile, tablet, or desktop using RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The Old Reader gives you the power to read all of the content you love when, where, and how you want. You can use a web browser or mobile app to aggregate all of the content you want and none of the stuff you don’t want.

Jason Krause
Marketing Director
The Old Reader
The Old Reader
Jason Krause