Yellow Peril Gallery Presents Kathryn Parker Almanas at ART ON PAPER 2017 During Armory Arts Week

Featuring photographs and sewn work from Kathryn Parker Almanas that “investigate destruction and healing within the body and the terrors and pleasures of embodiment, often drawing ideas from the medical world.”

New York, NY, February 19, 2017 --( Yellow Peril Gallery is pleased to announce their participation in ART ON PAPER 2017 from March 2-5 during Armory Arts Week with Kathryn Parker Almanas, featuring photographs and sewn work that “investigate destruction and healing within the body and the terrors and pleasures of embodiment, often drawing ideas from the medical world.”

Kathryn Parker Almanas earned a BFA in Photography from MassArt in 2003 and a MFA in Photography from Yale University in 2007. While at Yale, she was awarded the Schickle-Collingwood Prize, and upon receiving her MFA, was the recipient of the Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship to conduct research on the history of anatomical dissection in Italy. Her work has been published in 25 Under 25 Up-and-Coming American Photographers, Photo District News, Metropolis, to name a few. She has created art on commission basis for New York Magazine, Time Magazine, Details magazine, Culture+Travel magazine, among others. Almanas's work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Providence, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia.

“As an artist, I am dedicated to the expression of the human condition; what it means to be alive existing within our skin, the sensations of embodiment, and the relationship between the ethereal and corporeal,” Almanas shares.

Using ingredients found in delectable pastries, Almanas creates and photographs visceral tableaux of surrogate organs that explore destruction, digestion and healing. By constructing these tableaux with dough, jelly, fruit juices, white cloth and women’s tights, Almanas’s photography plays with how we recognize ourselves in textures and materials; dough and jelly act as viscera, while light evokes both a surgical and divine gaze.

"I flirt with and subvert the genre of still life from both historical painting and contemporary editorial photography to evoke an anatomical perspective and awareness of the body,” she notes, adding, “Sweet objects, that could potentially be consumed, act as surrogate body parts. The fleshy forms lie, hang, and nestle within these explicit scenes, both seducing and disgusting the viewer. The images provoke sensations of pain and pleasure, creating an intimate tension.”

Almanas’s sewn works were made prior to and during the making of the photographed visceral tableaux. “Creating theses collages opened a way for me to clarify my thoughts, concepts, and materials for the photographs I constructed,” Almanas explains. “I discovered that collage was a way for me to think, but also a form and medium I want to pursue and evolve in my practice as an artist.”

In 2016, Almanas presented The Intimate Collection, featuring sewn works and photographs that consider “sex, death, skin, bones, undergarments, intimacy, loneliness, destruction, healing and humor” and explore “the pleasures and confusion of intimacy and the body.”

“I play with how we recognize ourselves in textures and materials,” Almanas notes in the artist statement about The Intimate Collection. “I make use of pleather, satin, lace, panties, and bras to evoke thoughts of their intentional usage. Sewing, pinning, fastening act as means of healing and holding together what seems to be falling apart.”

This is Yellow Peril’s debut at ART ON PAPER, an art fair with a medium-driven focus produced by Art Market Productions as a “destination for both top-level and newly established collectors as well as specialized curators, advisors, and museum directors from across the country.” During Armory Arts Week, Yellow Peril will also present work from Toby Barnes at VOLTA NY 2017 at Pier 90 from March 1-5, 2017.
Yellow Peril Gallery
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