Into the cloud with the BARTH mini PLCs and PACcubes

See how to get data from the BARTH mini PLCs into the cloud. The mini PLCs send the data to the PACcubes Station over CAN bus, the PACcubes Station then sends them to the cloud. Thus, the data can be accessed over the smartphone.

Magdeburg, Germany, February 19, 2017 --( Users of the BARTH mini PLCs can now get their data into the cloud with ProSign’s PACcubes Station. Accessing the data from the mini PLCs from the smartphone is now possible. The web interface of the cloud service of the IBM Internet of Things Foundation can be configured easily. Thus the web surface can be adjusted to the needs and ideas of the user.

Why PACcubes?

The STG series as well as the controller of the PACcubes series are programmed with graphical programming systems, which were both developed by ProSign. Accordingly, an excellent compatibility between both programming systems, PACstudio for PACcubes devices and miCon-L for the STG series is given. Users who have already programmed with miCon-L do not need a lot of time to get used to PACstudio. The programming systems are similarly structured and work with technical signs and symbols which are connected to each other.

CAN and MQTT blocks

Between the STGs and the PACcubes Station, the data is sent and received over CAN bus. Two function blocks ensure the communication in the programming system: One to receive CAN messages and one to send CAN messages. The data is then sent from the PACcubes Station to the Cloud of the IBM Internet of Things Foundation over an MQTT function block.
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