ELSE Corp and Atom Group Form a Strategic Partnership

Connecting the “Store of the Future” and the “Factory of the Future” for mass customized footwear

Milan, Italy, February 22, 2017 --(PR.com)-- This February has begun with the confirmation of an extremely exciting industrial partnership between ELSE Corp, an innovative start-up from Milan and ATOMLab the research and innovation division of the ATOM Group, a leading shoe machinery company from Vigevano, Italy. A truly pivotal case of Open Innovation, the Virtual Retail and Cloud Manufacturing innovation company’s partnership with the innovative world leader in cutting systems for soft and semi-rigid materials, is a critical step towards the 360° integration of all processes involved in the mass customisation of footwear products.

“I am more than happy to have finally found the right partner to match our ambition,” commented Andrey Golub, ELSE Corp’s CEO & Co-founder.

Just recently, in July, ATOM Group acquired the UK company CSM3D, developer of the well-respected Shoemaster® CAD/CAM software suite – a world leading CAD/CAM system providing 2D & 3D solutions for the footwear industry. This important strategic investment by Atom is for the expansion and technological development of the suite of integrated Shoemaster® applications towards industrial manufacturing in the age of Industry 4.0.

At SIMAC Tanning Tech 2017, the international event with the most qualified offer of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, in a joint project with ATOM Lab, the Atom research lab which develops technologies and avant-garde projects to create new production methods, ELSE Corp and ShoeMaster UK, the public will be introduced to their streamlined vision of the future of industrial 3D CAD integration. The joint project, where the "Store of the Future," powered by E.L.S.E., and the "Factory on Demand," a project by ATOM Lab, meet, interlinks the 3D CAD design, virtual product customisation and mass customized production stages towards hybrid manufacturing and full virtual product lifecycle traceability. Visitors of the ATOM Lounge will be given an opportunity to customise a pair of shoes using the E.L.S.E. 3D configurator. Once confirmed, their order will be seamlessly delivered via ELSE Corp’s order management system ELSE-ware, to ATOMLab’s Factory on Demand, where the shoes will be produced just in time from the customer specification for their customized pair of shoes.

Speaking about the strategic partnership with ELSE Corp, Atom Lab’s Head of Research & Innovation Business Unit, Sergio Dulio said that it “could add an additional stimulus to the innovation projects that the group has been carrying forward for several years.”

About ATOM:

The ATOM group is the renown world leading provider of manufacturing technologies for the footwear and leather goods sectors, with four brands in its portfolio: ATOM developers of high tech cutting solutions, Main Group Technologies specialised in injection moulding systems, ATOM MB with a solid experience in lasting and bottom preparation machines and Shoemaster International, developer of the well known software suite Shoemaster. ATOMLab is the research and innovation laboratory of the Group providing cutting edge and innovative manufacturing solutions.

About ELSE Corp:

ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company, is an Italian B2B startup developing E.L.S.E. (Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience), a New Customer Experience driven innovative SaaS cloud platform for Virtual Retail, Virtual 3D Commerce and Cloud based Hybrid & Distributed Manufacturing. We work to make it easier for fashion companies to engage with their customers in an interactive, omni-channel and new virtual way.
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