New Novel by James T. Hughes Traces Family’s Care of Valley in Face of Adversity

Dog Ear Publishing releases a new book that details one couple’s struggles as they fight to stay close despite sorrow and hardship.

Custer, SD, February 22, 2017 --( Dog Ear Publishing’s new novel from author James T. Hughes tells the story of Alice and Tucker, the young stewards of Jasper Spring. Tucker’s family has lived on the ranch for generations, and the two look forward to filling the homestead with children of their own. After two miscarriages, their hope of a family is fading quickly and they feel farther apart than ever before. The only living thing that either one of them feels truly connected with is their border collie, Tommie, a dog who senses their needs.

Enter Ray – an ill-dressed 11-year-old boy sorely neglected by his single mother. Ray stumbles across the gorgeous and isolated valley while out on an aimless spin with his dilapidated bicycle. When Tommie finds Ray, the boy is transfixed by the beautiful dog, and the dog’s natural instinct to herd spurs him to drive the boy into Tucker and Alice’s empty arms. The couple develops affection for the forsaken boy, and he feels truly at home for the first time in his young life. As their relationship deepens, the trio fights to preserve the land they love. Can they stay together and keep Jasper Spring safe from outside forces?

“Jasper Spring” is a heartwarming tale of a couple that experiences trials that would test any marriage, and the boy who brings them back together again. Hughes renders Alice and Tucker’s characters in a nuanced and sympathetic manner, with their plight moving the most hard-hearted reader.

This is the first novel for Hughes, a Colorado native who moved to a homestead in the Black Hills of South Dakota with his wife and son. His love for training border collies inspired his description of Tommie, Tucker and Alice’s beloved border collie.

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Jasper Spring
James T. Hughes
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5001-0 408 pages $19.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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