X-Script Generator of CryptoGateway Upgraded

The X-Script Generator version is Released. It is used to generator xml files base custom syntax rules.

Vancouver, Canada, February 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The X-Script Generator is an abstract syntax interpreter programmable using custom syntax rules specified by separate xml inputs or by specially tagged .NET assemblies. It is used to generate custom visual interfaces for user to construct xml "scripts" having structure equivalent to an extensible language. Using it, many rules of thumb in software automation of various kinds, code generation, etc. can be formalized and reproduced by machine consistently in a common user interface.

The current version of the program is pre-programmed to contain a set of syntax rules to construct visual interface elements for all tasks, related data types, functions, and documents pertaining to NAnt+NAntContrib version 0.85 for a user to generate syntactically correct xml scripts, including extension ports for custom tasks and functions. It can be used as an existing general purpose and relatively complete entrance framework for user defined extensions used to accomplish more specific tasks.

It is also a tool to provide context driven, fine grained documentation for syntax, project and generated scripts in which relevant information is displayed to users when it is needed. Combined with traditional overview type of documentation, it is not only a productivity and reliability enhancer, but also is a reducer of the stiffness of learning curve that a user experiences in learning domain specific "languages" and the amount of unnecessary information and the links among them that a user have to remember in the process of use and master a machine oriented language instances specified by custom syntax rules. It significantly increases the productivity and simplicity of producing and maintaining scripts or codes for experienced users. A script producer is guided to focus on real issues that a computer can not do. Its visual interface and advanced data structure makes it easier to produce, share, maintain and cross language manipulation of user scripts and codes.

About CryptoGateway Software Inc.

CryptoGateway do development and research to provide key technologies and systems to handle the ever growing data flow and connections on the internent. Their information architecture is user oriented, context driven, and evolutionary.

The declarative security system of CryptoGateway is a breakthrough in distributed key/certificate exchange and secured global digital ID management technology that is unparallelled by the existing ones. It solves some known problems and eases other hardships in security policy and solution deployment, fine grain and private entity to entity identification that is stateful, remote access control, information security enforcement, and digital right and content management and distribution. The technologies are geared towards making it possible for the systems that are based on them to form independent logic layers above the hardware and software environments that those systems reside.

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