DanceLifeMap Helps Dancers Find Dance Studios Around the World

World dance studio directory DanceLifeMap (DLM) announced today the launch of its new platform, making it available to the general public. DLM invited teachers and studio owners across the globe to create free accounts and add their venues to the dance map.

New York, NY, February 25, 2017 --( Taking a dance class is a very fun and healthy way to spend time that can bring lots of positive change into a person’s life. However, it can also be quite challenging for people that have never danced before and for people who travel frequently. There are numerous kinds of schools, styles, and teaching methods for adults, kids, and seniors. Such variety makes it almost impossible to make a decision on a class. DLM creators decided to put their efforts into bringing more people into the performing arts community by creating a hub that will help dance lovers and instructors find each other, regardless of where they are.

“Finding the best dance studios near you may not be as simple as it seems, especially if you are an avid dancer traveling across the continent. It’s even harder to find good local classes when you have no previous experience,” said Roman Padurea, the founder of DLM. “When people use popular search engines they find thousands and thousands of schools. Sometimes they’ll have a few reviews and sometimes they won’t. They will be lucky if they pick among those the one that is right for them. But using our platform it is extremely easy to find a friendly school nearby and ultimately fall in love with dance.”

DLM invites all studio owners, choreographers, and instructors to use its website and add their venue locations to the map for free. Everyone else is welcome to watch the most recent videos, read about the benefits of dancing, attend local classes, learn basic steps, grow, and write reviews to inspire other aspiring dancers.

The web interface of DLM is intuitive and user-friendly. All classes are separated into categories, making it clear what styles are being taught in each school: latin, ballroom, hip hop, pole dancing, belly dancing, breaking, etc. Those looking for the best schools can find them by using the 5-star rating system. The site can also filter the most reviewed locations and target specific age groups like toddlers or teenagers. In the near future DLM plans to introduce “special needs” filtering options to help adults and children with disabilities find dance lessons nearby. At the moment, none of the existing niche directories offer such functionality.

For venues looking for help promoting their services, DLM offers a special “featured” listing. Such locations will benefit from extended visibility on related website pages, as well as from prioritized placement in relevant search results. This option will be available for both venues and events like festivals, congresses, workshops, contests, etc.

DLM is a free dance studio directory, event finder, and article & video-sharing platform, with the goal of inspiring more people to start dancing.
Roman Padurea