XojoApp Software Components for Xojo Developers

XojoApp iOS 1.0 is a component library for iOS apps created in Xojo. XojoApp Desktop 4.1 is an updated version of the previously named RbApp product for use in 32 or 64-bit Mac and Windows desktop applications.

Henderson, NV, February 25, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Excel Software introduced XojoApp iOS 1.0 and XojoApp Desktop 4.1 for Xojo programmers. These pure Xojo code components require no plugins and can be used in almost any programming project.

XojoApp Desktop 4.1 is an updated version of the previously named RbApp product for use in Mac and Windows desktop applications. It includes enhancements to the Grid control to apply custom formats to cell values plus new tutorials, sample projects and User Guide. XojoApp Desktop supports Xojo 2013 through 2017 for both 32-bit and 64-bit apps.

XojoApp iOS 1.0 is a component library for iOS apps created in Xojo. Using the familiar Xojo language and IDE gives developers a big productivity boost when migrating desktop applications to iOS. Some foundation classes and functions are substantially different or missing for the iOS platform. XojoApp iOS can ease the migration process by adding iOS classes and functions that mimic those available in the desktop environment.

For example, iosDate for iOS is functionally equivalent to Date for desktop applications. The String data type is replaced by Text for iOS. XojoApp iOS adds dozens of functions for Text to mimic those available for String. XojoApp iOS adds MsgBox, HttpGet and HttpPost functions. The iosObject2D and iosGroup2D collection of classes, together with the iosXojoDraw class largely replicates the vector desktop drawing environment on iOS.

XojoApp Desktop components include:

* RbGrid - Flexible, scaleable grid with powerful programming control
* RbChart - Dynamic charts, graphs and tables with minimal programming
* RbEdit - Large file text editing with undo, find, replace and print
* RbView - Powerful page layout built on Xojo graphic routines
* RbCommand - Undo/redo menu and mouse commands
* RbPalette - Horizontal tool bars and vertical tool palettes
* RbStringList - String list management to simplify and optimize code
* RbXML - Fast XML read and write of data with minimal programming
* RbHelp - QuickHelp integration for interactive application help
* RbCalendar - Calendar dialog that returns a selected date
* RbLibrary - Text editing, file management and string manipulation

XojoApp iOS has many of same components found in the Desktop edition including iosXojoGrid, iosXojoDraw, iosXojoPalette, iosXojoTextList and iosXojoXML. Desktop applications created with Xojo Desktop are easier to port to iOS using XojoApp iOS.

XojoApp iOS includes the iosXojoLicense component to easily add protection and licensing features to any iPhone or iPad app using Cloud License. Cloud License is an Internet based Serial Number activation system supported by the Safe Activation server or the self-hosted Cloud License Server.

The XojoApp Desktop is $295 and includes royalty-free distribution of compiled applications to any number of Mac or Windows users. The XojoApp iOS is $295 and includes royalty-free distribution of iPhone and iPad apps. Each product includes a comprehensive User Guide with component descriptions, reference documentation and example applications. Visit the company web site for detailed information, downloadable trial editions or demonstration videos.

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