New Cushioned Sole Now Standard for SocksLane Cotton Compression Socks

SocksLane, is including reinforced terry cotton sole for all their cotton compression socks.

Portland, OR, February 26, 2017 --( SocksLane announced that they are making the reinforced terry cotton sole a standard feature for all they women hypoallergenic compression socks.

The decision was taken after extensive testing and customers feedback.

"We realized that women used our compression socks on a daily basis so a comfortable and durable sole was necessary," stated Amanda Dixon, the company's CMO. "Buyers want a compression sock with top notch performances that is also strong enough to withstand everyday tear and wear like, for example, long shift at the hospital and that does not look like a medical sock!"

The feature was already being implemented on their newly launched Black Stripes Cotton Compression Socks designed specifically for people who stand or sit for long periods of time and need some extra support for their legs.

SocksLane is a company specialized in high-quality compression socks whose main component is natural cotton.

The company's products stand out from the crowd for their accurate sizing and comfort, their durability and casual looks; and especially because their particular blend of fibers makes reduce the risks involved with skin reactions dramatically.

The company objective is to provide excellent value compression wear that prevents rashes and allergies.

Unlike most competing brands that use exclusively synthetic fibers, SocksLane has made it a company priority to develop products with as much natural material as possible and only selected anti-allergy stretch fibers. These are necessary to provide the elasticity needed to "squeeze" the wearer's calfs and improve blood flow.

SocksLane Compression socks are sold on where the company' promotion can also be found.
Amanda Dixon