SocksLane Broaden Their Legs Health Awareness Campaign

SocksLane is now broadening the reach for their awareness campaign to include all categories concerned.

Portland, OR, March 02, 2017 --( Early last month SocksLane, the leading manufacturer of cotton compression socks, launched a "Legs Health Awareness Campaign" targetted at health professionals, a few weeks later the campaign was expanded to include frequent flyers.

Now the company is broadening the campaign's reach to include all individuals touched by lower legs problems. These problems may vary greatly, from simple tiredness or fluid retention for people standing long periods to varicose veins and even deep vein thrombosis (DVT) for the more serious cases.

Amanda Dixon, the company CMO declared yesterday, "During the first phase of our project we realized that, although the groups we had target were very relevant to our campaign, we were leaving out tens of thousands of people that have or are at risk of getting lower legs conditions..." Ms. Dixon also added: "...Legs are a part of the body that is often neglected, and the people concerned could improve their quality of life, health, and even looks, by just following some simple tips and wearing compression socks."

The advantages of wearing compression socks are well known. Athletes use them to improve performances and recovery; pregnant women to reduce fluid retention and swelling; nurses to relieve legs fatigue and travelers on long flights to prevent deep veins thrombosis (a.k.a Economy class syndrome)

While not the miracle solution to all problem, compression socks have been proven to be effective in a wide range of conditions with very few counter indications easily avoided consulting a physician and applying plain, old-fashioned, common sense.

Most of the high-end compression socks available today are quite effective. Their main limitations, however, regarding their often very high price and their composition.

Quality compression socks can be expensive.

The second and major concern is that they are often 100% composed of synthetic materials, nearly always nylon.

Every year millions of Americans develop skin reaction due to prolonged contact with synthetic materials. These, when worn for long periods of time can irritate the skin, often leading to allergies.

To overcome these intrinsic limitations, SocksLane has developed and tested a high-quality support sock that is composed of 65% Natural Combed Cotton and selected hypoallergenic stretch materials. The result is a compression sock that offers all the benefits of a high-quality product with the added advantage of dramatically reducing the risk of allergies and skin reactions. And all this for a very affordable price.

You can now buy a pair of SocksLane conveniently on and rest assured that they will perform as expected, won't roll down your calfs, last for a long time, be comfortable and especially will not irritate your skin.
Amanda Dixon