Co-Founder of FUBU Launches Commercial Development Firm and Hotel Brand - hotelFUBU

New York, NY, March 03, 2017 --( In 2015, Carl Brown, one of the four original founders (and owners) of FUBU, created hotelFUBU, a hospitality brand concept owned by Brown and his partner, Cecily Groves, and licensed by FUBU. On February 24, 2017, Erudite Holdings LLC executed a Letter of Intent to purchase, renovate and expand the historic St. James Hotel from the City of Selma. Further details regarding future redevelopment plans for this site as a historic hotel will be available after the transaction is completed. Erudite and hotelFUBU are currently reviewing potential partners and developing plans for several other hotel locations nationally. The brand intends to launch its reservations and event calendars Summer 2017. The hotelFUBU Collection will feature adaptive reuse and redevelopment of historic properties, as well as new development across the U.S.

“My vision is to produce a brilliant portfolio of boutique properties designed for the consumer, by the consumer. Renovating these classic beauties in amazing historic communities to accommodate our guests’ 21st century lifestyles allows us to celebrate millennials, centennials and all of us in between.”
- Carl Brown, CEO, hotelFUBU LLC

Erudite’s hotelFUBU Collection of boutique hotels extend a unique focus on developing consumer experiences through art, culture, cuisine and entertainment. The hotelFUBU concept features breathtaking renovations, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative amenity spaces, including full recording studios and ballrooms with full-service concierge and event production. Each location will subliminally invite guests to be individually inspired by the rich traditions of these unique historic communities.

“hotelFUBU has a responsibility to usher in a new era of community development and branding by encouraging innovative business concepts that choose to access the knowledge, pride and tradition of our nation’s entrepreneurial history. Our belief in the mantra “for us, by us” requires that each of us take the necessary steps to prepare future generations for success by diversifying our businesses and working together.”
- Cecily R. Groves, Co-Founding Partner and COO, hotelFUBU LLC

By designing a brand synergized by public/private partnerships for the purpose of resurrecting our country’s rich history of “small business with big dreams,” hotelFUBU sets an example for cities and businesses nationally. Utilizing progressive employment models and community-based operations, hotelFUBU hopes to benchmark standards of employee development with continuing education, internship and community service programs.

“The more diligently we work with municipalities and local businesses to promote each community’s continued development and renewal, the more vibrant the national economy and our collective quality of life. If we want change, we’re going to have to build it ourselves.”
- Tammy Atmore, Vice President of Marketing & Community Relations, hotelFUBU LLC

About hotelFUBU
Carl and Cecily possess more than 30 years of combined professional experience in product branding, real estate development and a myriad of other lifestyle industries. They travel the U.S. with their team of industry professionals investigating historic redevelopment opportunities and public/private partnerships for development of this timely concept. hotelFUBU is currently accepting proposals and property offerings from potential development, hospitality, community and branding partners. For more information, contact Cecily R. Groves, Chief Operating Officer of hotelFUBU LLC.
Cecily Grove