Vashti Perera Brings Harmony and Musical Nuance to Stinky Ninja

Spearheading the Stinky Ninja musical journey is Vashti Perera.

Cheltenham, Australia, March 03, 2017 --( Stinky Ninja announced today that Vashti Perera has begun composition on a diverse range of tracks for the Stinky Ninja children’s album. With Vashti’s guidance the Stinky Ninja album will incorporate a plethora of ingredients from a range of the most important historical Popular Musical styles.

In addition to composing and playing music for Stinky Ninja, Vashti Perera is ensuring a focus on educational elements, including research into the ongoing transformation of music in modern times and developing consumable focused outcomes such as teaching guides and lesson plans.

“Stinky Ninja offers a very unique package that combines education, technology and entertainment through the lens of comedy and storytelling. The concepts contain many levels of possible engagement making it appealing to diverse audiences in a variety of ways. The Stinky Ninja brand incorporates key areas that I feel most crucial about; education through creativity, connecting social communities and being able to celebrate life’s amusing quirks. Personally, it is a way I can bring my diverse experience in teaching, composing and performing together to create high quality musical productions presented in an educational format that is both fun and innovative,” explained Vashti Perera.

“From industry veterans to the youngest of children Stinky Ninja’s animated musical journey is an opportunity for a wide variety of audiences to learn something about music,” observed Adam Sivell, founder of Stinky Ninja. “For children it might be a fun first introduction to different styles, and for the more well-traveled an insight into the history of music, instrumentation, and the connection and evolution of genres. One of the really exciting things about Vashti is that she is able to incorporate layers of hidden complexity. At first glance Stinky appears as a simple cartoon. Then you realize that the music is actually very high quality. As you keep listening you begin to notice that the lyrics are telling a funny classic story, and that each song represents a different musical style. And underpinning all of this is the connection between the musical styles, instrumentation, and the educational elements.”

About Vashti Perera
Vashti Perera is an Australian Pianist, Composer, Producer and Music Teacher who started her music studies in Classical Piano the age of 7. Vashti has toured internationally and performed as a member of diverse bands in styles from Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Soul and Blues. In 2005 she recorded her first original music EP for a Latin Jazz project, which was met with high acclaim, becoming the national winner of the ‘Oz Music Awards’ World Music Category and runner up in the Jazz Category. She produced an album of original Latin music in Melbourne/Colombia in 2009 for project KIMBAYA and then was based in NYC for 5 years performing, teaching and working with artists as a producer and composer. Vashti’s website is

About Stinky Ninja
Stinky Ninja is based in Cheltenham, Australia. Stinky Ninja creates children's music and funny cartoons that entertain and educate the whole family. Learn and laugh with high quality music across a wide variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Country, Latin, Funk, and much more.

Stinky Ninja has twelve children's songs in production with a release targeted towards the end of 2017.

Stinky Ninja's website is
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