Cintel Launches New Software and Hardware

Cintel Launches the CLAIRTY LPR Software Platform and the CAPTURE Series Line of LPR Cameras.

Peachtree City, GA, March 10, 2017 --( Cintel is pleased to announce that it has launched its all new proprietary CLARITY LPR software solution along with its CAPTURE Series line of LPR cameras.

CLARITY was developed by the Cintel team to deliver a scalable and affordable LPR solution that follows all CJIS applicable standards and best practices.

CLARITY is a proprietary LPR software platform designed to provide a full suite of capabilities and features while still being intuitive and easy to use for any operator. The system architecture was designed to ensure a secure environment, reliable performance with maximum availability, and to prevent occurrences such as temporary outages or denial of service.

The CAPTURE Series LPR camera platform continues to build on an established track record of performance. Utilizing Cintel’s proprietary camera technology, the CAPTURE Series delivers industry-leading image quality, field of view, capture rate, extended capture distances, and plate-read accuracy in normal and extreme operating conditions.

“Cintel is committed to growing its presence in the global public safety and commercial security markets by delivering innovative surveillance solutions that are affordable, and easy to operate and maintain,” says Alan Farash, CEO.

About Cintel
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cintel is a premier surveillance technology applications provider of license plate recognition, video surveillance, and convergent intelligence solutions designed to be robust, scalable and affordable.
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