Crowdsourcia Launches First Funding Round – Invites Investors to Support the Unique SaaS Startup

Crowdsourcia has announced their first funding round to drive its ambitious growth plans forward.

Santa Rosa, CA, March 05, 2017 --( Crowdsourcia has announced their first funding round to drive its ambitious growth plans forward. The company leaders are looking for investors to come on board as it begins to launch their services in US and Canada markets.

Crowdsourcia today announced the launch of their first funding round, where they are inviting angel investors to support their 2-sided SaaS marketplace. The fund will be used for the improvement and the launch of the platform in the American and Canadian market. Crowdsourcia is a unique interaction platform for entrepreneurs which supports startups and entrepreneurs with feedback from global experts across a wide range of projects.

Michael Volkin, CEO of Crowdsourcia says his firm will use the funding to boost its marketing efforts and finish development of its unique collaboration platform. “This funding round will allow us to do all of this, and continue with our mission to help entrepreneurs collaborate with pre-vetted experts to save money and increase efficiency. The vertical has huge potential, and we have positioned ourselves to capitalize on it in the coming months,” he adds.

With the investments, the angel investors will get exposure to Crowdsourcia’s exceptional resources and get a chance to interact with entrepreneurs and experts from all over the world. Not only this, but by investing in Crowdsourcia’s platform, the investors will get benefits like greater notoriety in the market and the opportunity to build a greater network.

Mr. Volkin also said, “If we want to get the desired position in the market, we have to be aggressive and active, rather than to wait 5-10 years to see our success. The capital raised will fund our growth, allowing us to truly brand ourselves as experts to entrepreneurs around the world.” During the first round, the company will hold several small funding events, rather than one big event, to raise the money. Through this procedure, the company aims at collaborating with a large number of investors. The company is currently set to launch their services in the Canadian and American market and is seeking approx. $250,000 to cover operational costs. These costs include includes marketing, improvement of platform and investments on experts.

After launching the company in Canada and United States, the company also plans to launch the company globally. The company is currently working with 200 global experts to support the needs of entrepreneurs. The company plans to expand their team, to help more companies, grow. Investors can contact Mike Volkin directly for access to the investor pitch deck at

About the Company:
Crowdsourcia is a SaaS company where entrepreneurs get feedback from pre-vetted experts on business related projects. The experts not only collaborate with the company, they collaborate with each other. Entrepreneurs can now make the right strategic decisions, with a limited budget and tight timeframe.
Mike Volkin