Wonderkul Lowers Price on 6+ Multi-Functional Dog Leash

New lower price makes versatile leash affordable option for all dog owners, trainers and handlers.

Austin, TX, March 21, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Wonderkul announced today that it has lowered the price significantly on its 6+ Multi-functional Dog Leash - https://www.amazon.com/Wonderkul-Pets-Multi-functional-Dog-Leash/dp/B01HDZO68Q.

A Wonderkul spokesperson was quoted as saying, "We are so excited to make this leash available at an even more affordable price and we hope people will take advantage and more importantly take those four-legged, furry friends out for a walk!"

The 6+ Multi-functional Dog Leash is easily configured for many uses – training, service, walking, jogging, traveling, hiking, camping, and more.

The 6+ Multi-functional Dog Leash features:
• 1 inch wide, black, high quality nylon that is flexible and durable
• 6 feet long, with clips at each end for easy on and off attachment
• Adjusts to lengths of:
- Short: 3'6" (42 inches)
- Medium: 4'4" (52 inches)
- Long: 5'7" (67 inches)
• 3 metal loops & clips at each end provide quick adjustment for multiple uses, such as:
- Over-the-shoulder & hands-free
- Walking two dogs
- On-the-spot adjustable length
- Use with training collars and harnesses

Doctors and scientist have long touted the benefits of a regular, brisk walk. A few of the benefits of walking for owner and pet are:
• Burns off energy and excess cortisol that builds up throughout a stressful day
• Strengthens bones, muscles and joints
• Slows down the aging process

In addition to the physical benefits of a regular walking routine with a canine companion, there's an additional emotional boost that both can enjoy – which includes:
• Stronger bond, connection and language between pet and owner
• Deeper connection with the neighborhood or community
• Personal experience of the natural environment
• Opportunity to get to know neighbors and other citizens of the community

The 6+ Multi-functional Leash provides control and versatility for any walk or outing:
• Adjust to medium length and it can be worn over the shoulder for hands-free control while walking or waiting at the veterinarian.
• Provides a quick-tie off at any length, while pets and their humans are out and about.
• Can be used while training a dog to walk under control –
1. Threading one end of the leash through the middle "O" ring, and then attaching it to a training collar or harness while connecting the other end to their regular collar enables more effective training.
2. As training begins the handler should use more of the end that's attached to the training collar, leaving the end attached to the regular collar with more slack.
3. As the dog learns how to walk under control, the handler will gradually transition so that more control is being applied to the leash end that is attached to the regular collar.

Wonderkul's 6+ Multi-functional Dog Leash is available at a new lower price exclusively on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Wonderkul-Pets-Multi-functional-Dog-Leash/dp/B01HDZO68Q
Kay Janes