Cotton Compression Socks by SocksLane Continue to Get Excellent Reviews from Amazon Buyers

Just few weeks after their official launch, SocksLane's new cotton compression socks keep receiving positive customer feedback by amazon shoppers

Portland, OR, March 10, 2017 --( The company's products have been received favorably by early customers who praise the latest cotton compression socks for their remarkable quality and looks

"These compression socks are great. Comfortable, not binding at the top like other brands I have tried. They have a nice design on them (stripe) and will go with everything without standing out as utilitarian. The fabric is great and seems very durable. They are easy to wear ..., and it's nice to have something that doesn't shout "medically necessary." Writes Bonnie W.

Voyager, who took advantage of the current 63% Off Sale writes: "These compression socks are super cute and a great deal at the sale price. They are very high quality and do the job without looking ugly. Wear them with black pants or a skirt and no one will know the difference."

Or, as Karen summarize it so well: "Excellent, stylish and comfortable."

According to Amanda Dixon, CMO and company spokesperson, the compression socks are so successful that the company and they had to restock twice already over the last month to keep up with demand.

SocksLane's products are designed for women who spend long periods standing or sitting or traveling, have circulatory problems or varicose veins, or that simply want to take care of their legs feeling more energized and reduce swelling.

Unlike conventional compression socks that are commonly made of 100% nylon, well known for causing rashes and discomfort, SocksLane hypoallergenic compression socks contain 65% Natural Combed Cotton and selected high-quality stretch fibers.

The result of this unique combination, together with the company's proprietary manufacturing process, is a sock that is naturally fresh and breathable and can be worn safely for long periods of time.

SocksLane Women Cotton Compression Socks are available in 2 different sizes and can still be found for a few days at their discounted price and a full money-back guarantee on following the link below.
Amanda Dixon