ArcStone Casting & Design Launches Talking Trump Toy on Kickstarter

Artist launches Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the release of his Humpty Trumpty figure which is available in both Democrat and Republican versions.

Salt Lake City, UT, March 12, 2017 --( A local artist has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the manufacturing of a 5” vinyl toy in the likeness of President Donald Trump. The toy appears to be the combination of Humpty Dumpty, Donald Trump, and a wobble toy from the 70’s.

About Humpty Trumpty
Humpty Trumpty is great gag to those with a sense of humor on both sides of the political isle and can be ordered in Democrat (Blue) or Republican (Red).

Democrats like Humpty Trumpty because of his egg head appearance, plus they can vicariously punch Trump in the little Humpty Trumpty nose whenever they get a new tweet from the President. Like Humpty Dumpty, they wish Trump to have a great fall, and they can actually do a simulation with Humpty Trumpty from the top of their desk.

Republicans see Humpty Trumpty with “toughness” and “winning” as every time they knock him over he pops back up yelling defiant gesture like “Fake News,” “So Much Winning,” “It’s Gonna Be Huge!” The egg shape doesn’t bother them at all as they find not faults in Trump, and they look at Humpty Trumpty as a “Good Egg.”

The Humpty Trumpty Kickstarter Campaign
The artist started the Kickstarter campaign on March 6, and it will run through April 5. The campaign is at

Rewards for pledging the campaign range from $25 for the vinyl talking Humpty Trumpty to $1,000 for a bronze cast sculpture of Humpty Trumpty made from the original artist mold and displayed on a little White house pedestal.

About the Artist
Paul Quilter is an artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. He owns a small 3D art studio called ArcStone Casting & Design where he says he “makes stuff,” and has been doing so since 2001.

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