CEO of Impact Branding Consulting Meets with Investors Over New Software

Atlanta, GA, March 13, 2017 --( The CEO and Chief Branding Strategist of Impact Branding Consulting, Inc, Ms. Natasha E. Davis prepares to reach out to investors & sponsors for her new Predictive Model Software. Davis, created the software nearly 9 years ago as a solution to long time challenges as a consultant. One year ago, after enrolling in to one of the most renowned executive training programs at CEO Space International, she realized she had a valuable tool and needed to package it for entire Consultant industry.

Davis, is an Emergency Room Registered Nurse by first profession and Branding Strategist by 2nd profession ( As a consultant she found a common issue regardless of the area of expertise; the delayed ability to identify under performance and the delay in consultants fixing problems for clients. After many years of facing these common challenges as a consultant, she created a tool using her nursing education and business education to identify problems and solutions immediately using quantitative and qualitative data. The predictive model software named "The Profit Enhancer" is an analysis that has effectively removed the guess work out of consulting, improved client outcomes, reduced waste and improved profit margins for clients.

Davis says, "The profession of consulting has received a bad reputation mainly because of these primary issues.. guessing our way to solutions. It has also made consumers very leary about hiring a consultant. I want to put the good reputation & respect back into consulting by positioning The Profit Enhancer to be the benchmark and standard of practice for consultants... take the guess work out and put expertise back into the profession."

The Profit Enhancer which is a product of Impact Branding Consulting, Inc is currently being used primarily within the company and for their clients. Davis is in talks with investors, developers and IT experts for the initial roll out of the software. On March 13th 2017, she will attend the CEO Space Forum in Buena Vista, Orlando to gain more in depth knowledge on raising capital, packaging, crowdfunding laws and will also be meeting with potential investors and sponsors for the software.

Impact Branding Consulting is in the process of on-boarding 100 consultants this year to license the software as early adopters of The Profit Enhancer. This is being accomplished through the online professional community Entrepreneurs Unite Club and by offering consultant brunches, webinars and extending direct invitations.

To learn more about the opportunities to invest or sponsor the software please contact Impact Branding Consulting, Inc at 678-390-2681 or to schedule an introduction presentation. Davis also welcomes interviews to share additional insight.

About Impact Branding Consulting Inc:
Impact Branding Consulting is a brand development and PR management consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in helping organizations create brands that have a lasting impact by becoming unforgettable in the hearts of their consumers. Their niche' market is Healthcare and their core services are branding strategy, audit readiness and training and development. CEO & Chief Branding Strategist, Ms. Natasha E. Davis is a Registered Nurse of 16 years and Branding Strategist of 11 years who has been quoted saying, "As a nurse I saved lives, today as a branding strategist I save companies."
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