A Subscriptions and Recurring Billing Extension for Magento 2 by Exto.io

Exto subscriptions and recurring payments help to sell subscription products and provide secure recurring billing.

Minsk, Belarus, March 15, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Exto.io has released another ground-breaking solution for the Magento 2 stores. Subscriptions and Recurring Billing provide a wide array of benefits for both business owners and end users.

Store owners may now predict and systemize the incoming revenue stream from clients, increase CLTV, and reduce CAC. Stable recurring sales of specific products and services enable a merchant to plan resources in advance and ultimately facilitate inventory management. Having a database of active subscription users, an owner gets a one more source to increase brand loyalty and average order value. This can be accomplished through upselling or cross-selling to current clients via database marketing or personalized marketing.

With subscriptions and recurring payments, customers may now spend less time on purchases. They opt for a subscription product once, select convenient delivery frequency, date and time. Afterwards, the solution automatically deducts money from client’s balance and the delivery is carried out as scheduled.

The clients can be confident that the requested items will be in stock within the selected time frames and their price will remain stable throughout the subscription period. This gives a possibility to plan budget in advance.

Product Features:

• Smart Dashboard.
A custom-developed dashboard gives a complete overview of the subscription process. Estimate total revenue during the specified periods, check subscription engine status along with the number of templates and products, profile statuses, and more.

• Custom Subscription Templates.
Tailor subscription templates according to the store’s needs: set up subscription start date, select a billing option style, default order status, or configure a multiple store view.

• Full Subscription Profile View.
Get all the subscription details gathered in one place: products with a subscription model, their price and attributes, charge attempts history, customer information, payment details, and more.

• Configurable Products.
Set up any store product as a subscription one and allow recurring payments. With the subscription products enabled, a client may check out with both non-subscription and subscription items in their cart simultaneously. Currently, the solution accepts payments through PayPal via both desktop and mobile devices.

• Failure-Proof Secure Billing.
The system processes recurring payments based on the predefined time periods. If transaction fails, the payment processor tries to charge client’s account for the selected number of times. When the amount of attempts comes to an end, buyer’s profile status converts into “suspended.”

For more details about the Magento 2 subscriptions and recurring extension, visit their website, www.exto.io or contact the Sales team directly at sales (at) exto.io, or + 1 (866) 292-0660.

About Exto.io

Exto.io develops problem-solving marketing and analytics solutions for Magento 2 stores. The team has been working with the top ecosystem players for more than 9 years. Based on the accumulated experience, the company now offers effective and affordable tools helping to conduct data-driven ecommerce marketing campaigns and discover new ways to success with the Magento stores.
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