Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Announces 200kW Fuel Cell Project in South Korea, in Partnership with Ulsan Technopark

UTP in Korea chose to work with Horizon to deliver Stage 1 towards their vision for clean hydrogen power from waste hydrogen streams, improving energy independence and capturing great environmental benefits.

Shanghai, China, March 15, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has been chosen as the Fuel Cell supplier for the first stage of the ambitious UTP project aiming to achieve 1MW of electricity generation using waste hydrogen available in the progressive industrial city of Ulsan.

This project reinforces the range of solutions on offer from Horizon, which is the only fuel cell company in the world offering fully integrated industrial power systems from as little as 100W, through 30kW PEM fuel cell modules. The UTP project will utilize Horizon’s new 30kW liquid-cooled fuel cells.

The UTP project is an example of the progressive steps being taken by South Korean government bodies, and will be keenly observed by many industrial cities around the world, the Fuel Cell system not being used for any captive demand, but feeding power into the local grid, operated by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).

This is the first major project to employ the latest liquid-cooled Fuel Cell stacks from Horizon, which deliver incredibly simple balance-of-plant for integration and deployment, opening the door to myriad applications where today’s air-cooled PEM stacks can’t reach, due to power limitations. The new Horizon stacks will also provide new levels of system affordability on a “per kW” basis.

George Gu, Horizon CEO was quoted as saying “UTP recognize the value in the incredible depth and breadth of capabilities within Horizon. They went to great lengths to evaluate several potential technology partners, looking for the strongest overall capability and specific fit to the project at hand. Horizon is proud to be chosen from the field of international contenders. This project will be a showcase, putting Ulsan at the forefront of hydrogen cities around the world.”

Ulsan Technopark spokesman Ph.D Jo Seung Hwan, New Energy Team Manager, said “UTP is happy to partner with Horizon on this project. UTP is establishing this groundbreaking facility, generating emission-free power both economically and practically, and feeding it into the Ulsan electricity grid. We were delighted to learn about Horizon’s new PEM stacks which deliver superior power density while allowing the simplest possible balance-of-plant. We were excited to learn about the self-humidifying feature of Horizon’s high power stacks, allowing us to eliminate the humidifier in the system design.”

This announcement is a pre-cursor to imminent news from Horizon regarding their plans to build a leading edge Fuel Cell development and production facility in China. Funding has already been secured and plans are well advanced for this state-of-the-art facility designed to build modules from 10kW to 30kW.

About Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies:
Horizon is a world leader in PEM Fuel Cell systems, best known for commercializing products in areas such as portable power, small-format off-grid power and diesel generator replacement for backup power in critical infrastructure.

In recent years, Horizon coupled methanol reformer technology with its PEMFC platform to deliver highly reliable, cost-effective temporary and backup power systems for critical equipment.

Horizon is active predominantly in China and South-East Asia, but has partners delivering their clean power solutions in many other markets.

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