British Trucker Delivers a Swarm

British truck drive, Michael. P. Whateley releases his new book Operation Desert Swarm.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, March 16, 2017 --( British truck driver Michael. P. Whateley delivers his latest book Operation Desert Swarm.

Michael, from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, managed to find time in his lunch breaks to write the two hundred and forty one page Novel. It is based on a character from one of his short stories The Vagabond which can be found in his short story collection Six of Hearts. Steven Blackwood's adventure starts shortly after leaving the army is now expanded onto an international stage in the new book. It is an action story pitting Steven up against international criminals, Special Forces, and technological gadgets. It will be the first book in The Vagabond series.

Operation Desert Swarm by Michael. P. Whateley is available in electronic and paperback formats from Amazon.
Michael Whateley
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