A Water Filter That Removes Sediment and Other Particles from Water, a Necessity for Travelling and Emergency Needs, Now in a Portable Bag

Los Angeles, CA, March 16, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Survival Hax today announced the formal release of a new and improved survival gear that can assist in several emergency situations.

Survivalists who take pride in their bug out bags, and hikers who are always trying to shave weight from their gear, love this thing for a few reasons:

The ability to filter water at a low micron count.
Think of microns as a unit of measure. The higher the micron count, the more contaminants will be able to slip through. The lower the micron count, the better. Survival Hax’ Filter Bag comes with a built in 0.1 micron water filter straw which is capable of cleaning and purifying dirty water.

The amount of water that can be filtered from one straw.
All filters have an expiration date. The high quality ones will last longer. In a situation, when no one knows when they'll have fresh water again, it's best to go for filters with longer life spans. The Portable Water Filter Bag can purify up to 1000 liters (about 300 gallons) of contaminated water with a single unit. That’s more water than the average human drinks in a full year.

Lightweight and collapsible.
Lugging gallon jugs of water can be cumbersome and heavy when backpacking. Keep one of these in a bug-out bag or vehicle at all times, in case clean H2O runs out.

Customer Reviews:

5 Stars - Love this Portable Water Filter
“This is the best pocket sized water filter I have found. I like how the filter can fit inside a water bottle. Got one for each of my children for emergencies.” - Kimmy Churcg

5 Stars - Great Addition to Your Emergency Kit
“This portable water filter bag is lightweight and takes up very little room. Our 6 year old has his own basic survival pack that he wears while we hike. It has a few items that would buy us some time if we should ever be separated. It includes a space blanket, some energy bars, a whistle and a flashlight. This filter bottle is simple and easy for him to operate. He's not ready for the fire starter yet but I tested it and it works great.” - Dawn Reynolds

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