Krelot Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds for Dedicated Marketing Tools for Crowdfunding Projects

Statistics shows that more than 60% of crowdfunding projects are never gets fully funded because of inappropriate marketing techniques & lack of dedicated marketing tools. Krelot aims to lower that statistic by producing well researched marketing tools and that is specially for crowdfunding campaigns.

Walnut, CA, March 16, 2017 --( Executing crowdfunding marketing and make it successful can be a tedious task to say the least. According to the crowdfunding platforms like kickstarter and indiegogo, the success rate to get fully funded on these crowdfunding platform is tough goal. More than 60% of projects on these two platform never experience the joy of being funded.

One company out of New Delhi, India is trying to change this statistics providing an innovative and dedicated marketing toolkit that will be helpful for executing the marketing campaigns on the crowdfunding platforms.

“There are so many crowdfunding projects fall short of their funding goal because of people don’t know how to present their campaign to potential backers,” said Devashish Biswas, Krelot’s founder. “We are building dedicated marketing and platforms for crowdfunding campaigns and want to present innovative platform with modern approach to help a lot of people get funded,” he added. At present, the company launched a beta version of its first toolkit “Krailer” which is an email marketing solution, people can find crowdfunding related templates here and can use to communicate with backers, engagement and marketing purpose.

Now, is launching an interesting crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The funds raised will be used primarily to support the email template designing of Krailer, the email marketing solution, development of other tools and server management. Moreover, the money raised will enable whole software to take advantage of this great marketing toolkit. As Mr. Devashish points out, “We want to give a cost effective & dedicated marketing solution for crowdfunding campaigns.”

Potential funders will benefit from large discounts and very appealing perks. They can also show their support by sharing the crowdfunding campaign with their Social Media networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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About Krelot: A dedicated set of marketing tools offering marketing solutions to fulfil promotional requirement for crowdfunding campaigners.
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