Author of New Geometric-Themed Coloring Book Says Being a Square Helps Her Create Intriguing Designs

“Planet Geometry: Symmetrical Patterns of Proportion and Balance: An Adult Coloring Book for Men and Women” by Nola R. Hintzel, offers a new angle on coloring books. This artist’s take on coloring between the lines utilizes plane geometrical shapes as well as construction symbols to create clean abstract patterns resembling architectural elements, strange machinery, and sci-fi apparatus, all combined with an art deco style.

Bella Vista, AR, March 21, 2017 --( About the Author:

Artist Nola Hintzel considers herself a square. She is an experienced technical writer who uses her skills to design geometric-themed coloring books. Her love of geometry, abstract art, architecture and science inspired her to create Planet Geometry’s 38 compelling designs that make this coloring book suitable for the wide age range of pre-teen to senior citizen. Nola also hopes her Planet Geometry coloring book(s) will spark more men’s interest in the growing coloring book trend for stress-relief and relaxation. To accomplish this she uses circles instead of swirls, angles instead of curls, and squares instead of whirls. She views her book as an educational tool and fun way to discover and become more conscious of the geometrical world we live in.

Planet Geometry: Symmetrical Patterns of Proportion and Balance is available on A Planet Geometry Facebook page also includes book updates such as works in progress, completed images, status of future book(s), and more.

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