EMEA Region Will Continue to Dominate the Global Female Condom Market Both in Terms of Revenue and Volume

In 2016, EMEA was the largest contributor towards the global female condom market. EMEA region to account more than 60% market share of global female condom market both in terms of revenue and shipment.

Bangalore, India, March 22, 2017 --(PR.com)-- A recent report released by Beige Market Intelligence on “Global Female Condom Market – Strategic Assessment and Forecast 2017-2022,” forecasts that EMEA region is going to have the maximum market share of global female condom market. The market research report which provides the detailed insights of worldwide female condom market, includes the market analysis of major geographic regions. The major regions included in the female condom market report are

By Geography
· Latin America
· North America

By Country
· Brazil
· Canada
· China
· India
· Japan
· US

The 117-page report includes a detailed study of growth drivers, trends, and restraints of the global female condom market. The report also includes the leading five vendors in the market and other key vendors. The report provides the analysis of the key segments of the female condom market by material type, distribution channel, geography, country, and vendors. The report provides a detailed analysis of revenue from each segment in terms of value and volume.

In 2016, EMEA was the largest contributor towards the global female condom market.

According to the analysts at Beige Market Intelligence, EMEA region was the largest contributor towards the global female condom market. The region accounted for 65.9% and 65.7%, respectively for 2016, in terms of revenue and volume. The penetration of female condoms in EMEA countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt, and Congo is increasing rapidly. For instance, South Africa distributed a significant number (in millions) of female condoms in 2016. Similarly, Zimbabwe witnessed noteworthy amount (in millions) of distribution of female condoms in 2016. Eastern Europe also witnessed an increased consumption of female condoms among end-users. The market research report forecasts that EMEA will continue to dominate the global female condom market till 2022. The region is likely to account for more than 60% market share both in terms of revenue and volume, in 2022. This huge growth in female condom market is due to the rising popularity of female condoms and a decline in per unit price of these products.

A major reason for an expected high sale growth of female condoms in the European market is the favorable retail environment. The retail environment in the Western European countries is characterized by heavy discounts. In addition, end-users in these countries are known to have a high annual saving ratio. This higher saving translates itself into opportunities to buy premium high-priced female condoms. European customers, especially Germans and the British, realistically take advantage of retail discounting fueled by retailers’ destocking as they have cash to do so and are willing to pay more for innovative products that can add value to their experience.

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