SocksLane Compression Socks Amazon Giveaway Proves a Success with Amazon Buyers

The company Second Amazon Giveaway sold out within a few hours from launch.

Portland, OR, March 23, 2017 --( SocksLane, the leading retailer of hypoallergenic compression socks launched the second Amazon Giveaway for their sought after Cotton Compression Socks this weekend.

People participated, with no obligation to purchase, to win a pair of the company's trendy cotton compression socks. Following the success of their first campaign, the company added a 40% Off coupon code for every contest entrant.
As soon as the first invitation were sent out, people literally flowed in and all prize were claimed within the first few hours.

"We all want to win when entering a giveaway, unfortunately, it's just not possible, that's why we are giving every participant a steep discount code. So, no one really loses," Declared Amanda Dixon, the company CMO

Regarding the giveaway's success, Ms. Dixon also said: "We know that people like our products a lot, ...but, again, we were not expecting such a high number of participants in such a short time!"

SocksLane is planning on making this type of giveaway a standard feature of their marketing strategy and to hold a contest every week from now on. The firm's marketing department has already setup a dedicated website for their future giveaway where all information including the dates, the number of prizes to be won and conditions will be indicated. The website address can be found at the bottom of this page.

SocksLane's latest hypoallergenic cotton compression socks have rapidly become a favorite with Amazon shoppers and they are proving to be very popular with women wearing support hose. The newly launched stockings offer all the advantages of a top-rated compression sock with the benefit of their combed cotton construction that guarantees long-lasting comfort, anti-allergic properties, breathability, and looks.

The socks are nothing like post surgery hosiery, in fact, they look so good that no one would guess they are support stockings.

Nurses, travelers, pregnant women and athletes alike use compression socks every day to relieve legs fatigue, improve performances, speed up recovery and to reduce fluid retention and swelling.

SocksLane products are made with 65% cotton and hypoallergenic stretch fiber. This blend of materials has some distinctive advantages compared to the traditional synthetic support socks made of 100% nylon that often cause rashes and allergies.

SocksLane's new Combed Cotton Compression Socks for Women are available at a special sale price on and many more promotions are available on the product's page.

They are very comfortable, will keep their promises and will not irritate your skin. In addition, to this, they come with a full, no questions asked, satisfied or refunded guarantee.
Amanda Dixon