Beverage World Specialties: New International Consortium Brings Broader Access for Today’s Specialty Beverage Trends

Recognizing that consumer appetites clash with recent distribution challenges, Jeff Coleman, a former Paulaner USA executive, is launching Beverage World Specialties (BWS).

Denver, CO, March 24, 2017 --( Ask anyone in any part of the hospitality industry, and they’ll tell you that beer, wine, and spirits consumers are constantly on the hunt for more specialty options. According to recent TBB statistics, on average, a new brewery has opened every day for the past eight years in the United States. Wineries in the USA now number over 7,800. Craft distilleries, the newest beverage trend, have seen openings grow at over 400 percent annually. There’s no denying the momentum of today’s adult beverage demand.

And yet, the wholesale distributor requirement - the mandatory middle tier in American’s three-tier distribution system - has only shrunk, declining by nearly 50 percent over the past decade via merger and acquisition consolidations.

Recognizing that consumer appetites clash with recent distribution challenges, Jeff Coleman, a former Paulaner USA executive, is launching Beverage World Specialties (BWS). His BWS consortium of craft and specialty beers, small production wines, and craft spirits offers independent distributors and retailers nationally a much-needed avenue to the products their customers demand. An alternative to the larger and impersonal consortiums, BWS will provide improved access to craft and specialty brands, with competitive pricing and truly appreciative customer service and support.

“After leaving Paulaner USA in 2014, I quickly got bored,” said Coleman. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay out of the industry for long. BWS represents my hopes and support in providing small to medium-sized, independent distributors with a quality, single-source portfolio option, improving their access to small craft and specialty brands, with cost and logistical efficiencies that will increase their profits.”

With the depth and diversity of its portfolio, BWS can ease the logistics for a wine distributor to expand into high-margin specialty beers. Likewise, BWS can allow a craft or specialty beer distributor to add quality wine and spirits, all while increasing profitability.

“Distributor profitability is all about logistical efficiencies; how many boxes are being delivered per retail stop. By easing access to craft and specialty brands - often in less-than-a-pallet configurations - BWS is facilitating profitable revenue growth for distributors,” Coleman explains.

Since entering the market, BWS has added 34 suppliers with more than 300 products to their portfolio. “We have been overwhelmed by the interest and enlistment of seventeen prominent breweries, and now have nineteen vineyards representing high-quality, competitively priced wines from the nine-leading wine producing countries. Most recently, small-batch and specialty distilleries have been knocking on our doors.”

Due to complicated government regulations, special labeling, and limited distributor options, many of the prominent, quality brands now working with BWS had previously bypassed U.S. markets. “The United States has increasingly become a minefield for international brands,” says Coleman. “Through easing these brands’ path of entry into America, we are able to provide a unique portfolio to distributors.”

Beverage World Specialties has also developed retail solutions with multi-brewery, multinational packaging, allowing retailers and their consumers access to broad portfolio offerings without requiring more retail shelf, cooler, or floor space. These advantages are combined with well-targeted, collaborative social media interaction, providing both the distributor and retailer with accurate, real-time research about consumer brand preferences and more profitable trends.

Independent distributors interested in more profitable revenue growth should contact Jeff Coleman directly at either, or by cell phone anytime at +1.303.472.7179.

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