High School Programming Teacher, Craig Briggs, Releases Mobile Game: Truck Trials Driving Challenge

Wellington, New Zealand, March 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Craig Briggs, a high school programming teacher and developer passionate about providing his students with the best possible educational experience with regards to creating games and programming at various levels, this week officially released his very first mobile game, Truck Trials Driving Challenge, now available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

An interactive platform game where the player, as the truck, has to navigate each level and collect three fuel cans along the way to continue to play, Truck Trials Driving Challenge combines Briggs’ two favorite genres: platform games and puzzle games such as the incredible machine.

“Many of my students began to ask me how to write a physics-based computer game, something I had no prior experience with,” said Briggs. “About 16 months ago, I decided to have a go at writing a simple game so that I could better help my students discover their passion for programming. This simple game began to develop as I discovered that I really enjoyed the development process. The idea behind the Truck Trials game came as a result of combining a few different interactive genres: puzzle games, driving games, and platform games.”

The game is split into different stages with increasing difficulty as the game progresses. The simple objective is to navigate the truck to the three different fuel cans while getting it to the end of the level. To do this, users are able to drag objects onto the screen in order to make it so the truck can complete the level.

As the levels progress, the objects change, first beginning as easy, simple objects like ramps and slanted shapes, changing into much more advanced objects like harpoons, rocket launchers, transportation vortexes, and more.

“It’s a great mental exercise that is also fun, engaging, and definitely addictive,” said Briggs. “I am incredibly excited to announce my first mobile game is officially available for download in the App Stores.”

Truck Trials Driving Challenge comes with 40 different levels and two different themes, making it an extensively challenging and long-lasting game. It is a completely free game to download and play today.

For more information or to view snapshots of the game trailer, visit: http://www.trucktrials.com/.
Craig Briggs