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Diane Penny Web Design makes its entrance to the market by sharing its story and showing how doing so can build a business brand.

Lanham, MD, March 27, 2017 --( Diane Penny was born the third of eight children to her father Henry, a self-employed brick mason and her mother Thelma, a stay-at-home mom. Although her father didn’t have a high school education, he was able to support a family of ten with his own business. Diane was inspired by her father’s hard work, and knew that she wanted to be a business owner someday.

Diane received her high school diploma from the Anne Arundel County, Maryland, public school system. After high school she enrolled in courses at local colleges and universities where she studied business management and human resource management.

In the workforce, Diane held administrative support roles in Federal, State and County Government agencies; public industry; and the nonprofit sector. During this time she received awards for excellence, patriotic service, and professionalism. These roles equipped her with the skills necessary to contribute to the effective operation of professional office environments.

Diane also held part-time, retail positions where she gained experience in customer service, employee relations, management, and payroll. During this time she received recognition for providing excellent customer service in a retail establishment.

In 2011, Diane became the president of a nonprofit organization called the Community Relief Operation Partnership, Inc.; a State of Maryland licensed nonprofit organization that provides workforce development programs and other services to under-served communities. She is currently conducting funding campaigns to obtain office space for the workforce development program. For more information visit YouCaring.

Although Diane gained valuable experience in her administrative support roles, she experienced a greater level of satisfaction when these roles required her to work with digital technology. Her administrative support activities alone do not challenge her in the way that working with digital technology challenged her. She especially enjoyed working with databases and updating website content.

After a career in administrative support roles, in 2014, she decided to make a career change and enrolled in a Web design program at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. To her surprise, she excelled in her studies, and more importantly, she enjoyed what she was learning. She graduated with a 3.92 GPA, and often says that she just discovered her inner geek.

Prior to studying Web design, Diane created and updated websites using site-building templates, which left little room for creativity. After completing her studies in Web design, she decided to start a Web design business where she would offer clients more creative choices in Web designs, great customer service, and practical business solutions. The primary focus of Diane Penny Web Design is small business owners seeking to establish businesses, or update their brand.

Diane Penny Web Design applies professional communication skills through graphics, photography, and typography. They use current technology, current design trends, Principles of Web design, Internet protocols, and current Web standards. They produce business solutions appropriate to the clients, stockholders, and target audiences.

A very important part of Diane Penny Web Design’s services to their clients is to establish and/or increase visibility for the brand. One of the ways that they accomplished this is through the Resurgence Blog and press releases like this, which shines a spotlight on the brand. Branding is an essential part of business growth and development.

This content will be distributed through the following channels. In addition to being posted on their blog, this press release will also be shared on at least eight major social networking platforms. Press releases will be shared on at least three public relations platforms. This content will also be distributed through their email newsletter RSS feed. The distribution of this content through these channels creates visibility for the brand and drives traffic to the website.

Those desiring to have content created that spotlights their business should contact Diane Penny Web Design for more information. (Please note that they only spotlight businesses whose operations do not involve activities of an offensive or sexual nature.) For more information on branding and marketing businesses, subscribe to their newsletter.

Diane Penny is the owner of Diane Penny Web Design, a blogger, and the author of several e-books, which can be viewed at Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Diane’s interests are arts and crafts, beauty and fashion, health and fitness, interior design, technology and writing.
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