Nightlord: Knightfall to be Released April 3rd 2017

Texarkana, TX, March 28, 2017 --( The fourth book, Knightfall, in the Nightlord series by Garon Whited will be released on Monday, April 3rd. In recent months fans of the Nightlord series have been waiting and watching for news of the new book’s release date. Fans who signed up for his newsletter “The Chronicle” on his website learned the release date hours before the public. “Knightfall” will be available to purchase on in Kindle edition and hardcopy. The audiobook has a tentative date for June.

Author Garon Whited says, “Knightfall” picks up right after [Orb], so you haven’t missed anything. Ten points to House Bloodsucker for a successful, if somewhat poorly-executed escape!”

ABOUT Garon Whited
Garon Whited has not only written the 4 books of the Nightlord series, but also penned the science fiction novel Luna. His short stories include: Ways of Cats, The Power, Clockwork, An Arabian Night, and Dragonhunt. Chapter 2 of Dragonhunt is currently in the works, with a possible June release date.

For more information, contact:
Author Garon Whited
Garon Whited
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Author is available for interviews via any medium before and after release.