Digital Web Avenue Presents New Trends in Web Design

The concept of web designing is gradually changing, thanks to the emergence of new technologies and paradigms that are part of the Internet. A seminar to discuss the emerging trends in web designing was conducted by Digital Web Avenue, the top Kolkata based web designing company.

Kolkata, India, March 29, 2017 --( Web designing is a crucial cog in the wheel of the digital world. To stay relevant and competitive, businesses vie with each other to ensure their websites remain updated with the latest trends in designing. Digital Web Avenue, a top web design company in Kolkata organised a seminar on ‘New Trends in Web Design’ wherein IT experts from the industry and academia participated.

The CO Founder and Director of Digital Web Avenue, Mr. Suborna Fermi initiated the discussion by letting the audience know about brand Digital Web Avenue and how the company has incorporated latest IT paradigms as part of its planning and operations. He dwelt at length on the number of companies that had benefited from the websites designed by the company, and how the company always strives to stay ahead in the ever changing dynamics of web design and the Internet. The speakers had their task cut out in explaining the changing dynamics of the digital world vis-a-vis areas such as virtualization, cloud, IoT and Agile. Why web designing plays such an important role in driving customer traffic on the Internet was stressed upon in great detail by various speakers.

The focus of discussion was invariably the new trends in web design. IT experts, both from the industry and academia touched upon the need for websites to have better design, navigation, content, and search optimization. The new trends in web design that were discussed are produced below in a nutshell:

• Web design to include content that is thought provoking, engaging, intuitive, relevant and is updated periodically.

• A minimalistic design approach where garish colours, large fonts, big pixelated graphics are best avoided as not only they take a long time for the website to upload but might put off visitors who mean business.

• Implement Agile method of building a website wherein web design, developing and testing are part of the same process instead of existing in separate silos.

• Let the websites cry out in bold the signature statements of the respective companies. The more enticing the statement the better chance it has of getting registered in visitors’ minds.

Importantly, the interactive nature of the session ensured that any lingering doubts in the minds of the audience were promptly addressed.
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