IntruGuard Protects Internet Cafes in China from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

IntruGuard IG2000 successfully defends against regular and increasingly heavy attacks.

Sunnyvale, CA, February 07, 2008 --( IntruGuard Devices, Inc., the leading DDoS solution provider, today announced successful deployment at a managed security service provider (MSSP) in China protecting many Internet Cafes.

Internet cafes have grown significantly in the past decade in China as a very popular way to access the Internet. This has been especially true for young people who often spend hours a day in an Internet cafe to play interactive games, chat and socialize online, or simply to hang out. Many Internet cafes house hundreds of PCs and most are filled with users at the peak time in the evenings.

Along with the rapid growth, competition has also heated up. Due to the ease of launching DDoS attacks, the effectiveness the attacks often achieve, and the difficulty to catch the attacker, some competitors resort to DDoS attacks as a simple and effective way to severely slow down or completely shut down competing Internet cafes. DDoS attacks on Internet cafes have been on the rise both in frequency and in magnitude. However, due to the relatively small scale and low profit margin of most Internet cafes, it is difficult for individual Internet cafes to afford effective means to defend against DDoS attacks on their own. Although low-end, PC based software DDoS solutions are available, they easily fail under heavy attacks.

IntruGuard IG2000 Helps MSSP defend DDoS Attacks

The IG2000, as the only true hardware based product, stood out as the device that could withstand prolonged massive attacks without impacting normal operations. IG2000 was able to deliver uninterrupted performance and solid stability when the device is most needed - under sustained attacks that reach the Gbps line rate. A brief describing the solution is available at:

List Prices and Availability
IntruGuard DDoS mitigation solution is immediately available. The solution price starts at USD 6,995 for serving a set of small Internet Cafes and additional models are available for larger ones. Please contact IntruGuard for additional details.

About IntruGuard
IntruGuard is a leading supplier of Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) Systems for e-tailers, social networking companies, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, Online commerce companies, Internet Gaming companies, Web Hosting Service Providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Data Centers (IDC) and Enterprise Data Centers. These NBA systems provide granular real time network traffic visibility and provide automatic protection against targeted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These systems are vital in network security infrastructure of any service provider or data center network to ensure smooth network operation, full legitimate use of bandwidth and improve network utilization. IntruGuard is a privately held company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Please visit for more information.

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