OnycoSolve Spray for Treating Nail Fungus Has Been Produced by OnycoSolve Inc.

Southfield, MI, March 31, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is kind of condition that causes visible deterioration to human nails and feet. The infection of the skin could come from unsuspected places - public pools, saunas, shoes, fabrics, etc. Having wet feet for a long time can also lead to toenail fungus. So it is hard to objectively connect the possession of onychomycosis with a particular place you have visited or something you have touched.

What can be seen on infected nails (feet) can vary with the type of fungus causing the infection. Most of the cases characterize with nail discoloration - the nails turn yellow or brown. With the aggravation of the infection, affected nails can thicken or crumble. Adequate treatment can prevent the infection from causing more damage to your nails and feet. There are many remedies that help prevent or treat the persistent infection. There are creams, antiseptic ointments, pills, anti-fungal solutions, etc. There is no doubt that many of these mediums are either harmful to the liver and overall health or they simply do not seem to do the work as they should. As the conditions is quite persevering, alleviating only the symptoms is not enough, and treatment could last long.

Recently, a new foot spray called OnycoSolve emerged on the market with the aim to help sufferers get rid of nail fungus. Manufacturing company claims that OnycoSolve spray's formula is based on natural ingredients that produce a minimum amount of unpleasant side effects - its list of herbal ingredients include melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, quercus robur bark extract, angelica archangelica root extract and salvia officinalis extract. Product's formula is also enriched with silver particles - an antibacterial compound that removes moisture, sweating and itchiness.

At the time being, the OnycoSolve spray is not sold in pharmacies and can be ordered only from the official website.
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