AllThatGrows Announces Varieties of Microgreens to Their Online Seeds Store

AllThatGrows, the online seeds store has now added all year Microgreen Varieties to its seeds collection. The store which sells seeds for vegetables, fruits, and herbs will now also retail in Microgreens, being the sole seller of these varieties in India.

Chandigarh, India, April 02, 2017 --( The online growing seed hub, , has now announced the addition of Microgreen varieties to its seeds collection. The store will now retail 11 diverse varieties of Microgreens. The seeds are available for purchase at:

The new collection includes Microgreen seeds for 11 vegetables namely; Radish White, Radish Red, Amaranthus Red, Pak Choi, Beet Root, Kohl Rabi, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Onion, and Spinach.

“All varieties of Microgreen seeds, available at our store, are traditionally grown and non-hybrid. They are completely pesticide free and are believed to provide up to 60 times more nutrition than a maturely grown plant of the same vegetable. Growing Microgreens at home means you’ll have easy access to this super food. Microgreens grow into edible baby leaves in a time span of 4-5 days, which means you can consume a nutritious bunch of Microgreen radish, amaranth or spinach leaves after 5 days of sowing. There’s more. Microgreens have a distinct and strong aroma with enriching flavors that can add life to any salad or a sandwich. There is a reason why Chefs these days have shifted to microgreens; from originally just supplementing a salad dressing to making it an essential ingredient of the healthy diet food,” shared Shreya, the Project Manager at AllThatGrows.

Sarthak Aggarwal, Managing Director at AllThatGrows, further informed, “We are very excited about our new product launch. As the first ones in India to bring Microgreens into the main stream kitchen gardening market, our primary objective over the next year is to educate the Indian consumer about the numerous health benefits and the ease of growing microgreens at home. Consumption of home grown microgreens is commonly found in western countries and we wish to make the process of making microgreens accessible extremely easy in India. You will not only see us adding much more varieties of Microgreens over the next few months but also a lot of useful content and videos on how to grow them best, their nutritional benefits and recipes.”

The online store is also planning to expand the Microgreen seeds inventory soon, in the near future. To shop all microgreen seeds, visit

There is also a discount of 10% on the products, for the store’s newsletter sign-up for a limited time period. Free shipping across India is valid for all orders without a minimum order limit.

To shop vegetable, herb, microgreen and fruit seeds from AllThatGrows, visit:

AllThatGrows is an online seeds store that brings to you non-hybrid, pure, open pollinated, and GMO-free seeds. The store aims to connect the urban dweller with their food sources while promoting healthy lifestyle choices related to food and nourishment. With a diverse collection of Indian and exotic vegetable, herb, fruit, flower and microgreen seeds, AllThatGrows offers both variety and quality.

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