SocksLane Launches Special Spring Discount for Top Rated Cotton Compression Socks

For a limited time, SocsLane is offering their Amazon top selling hypoallergenic Combed Cotton Compression Socks at a steep discount

Portland, OR, April 04, 2017 --( SocksLane is releasing a limited quantity of products at a 40% discount on their Amazon sale price, this represents a full 75% discount on the manufacturer's recommended price (MRP). This Special Deal is available now and for a limited time only on

The company's best-selling Support Socks are specifically designed for women who prefer to wear natural fibers and are ideal both for everyday life and for sports activities, travel, pregnancy, and all other activities or conditions that may put a strain on the legs. The socks are manufactured directly by SockLane and follow strict quality procedures.

People have known the benefits of compression technology relieve achy legs since the neolithic era, Roman legionaries would wear tight bandages on their calves to help them endure the long marches to the battlefield. it is only in recent times however that it has been possible to replace the bandages with elastic fabrics.

People standing or sitting for long hours every day such as nurses, teachers, police officers and travelers on long flights; can benefit from the regular use of compression socks to aid their peripheric blood circulation.

Most of the compression socks available today are made mainly with oil derived fibers, mostly nylon. Unfortunately nylon, when worn for prolonged periods, can irritate the skin leading to hypersensitivity and even allergic reaction that may become chronic. In the US alone, tens of thousands of Americans suffer from different degrees of rashes due to synthetic garments every year and the situation is not getting better due to a generalized lack of information.

Sockslane's Ladies Compression Socks solve the problem proposing all the features of a high-quality traditional support garment with the benefit of containing 65% natural combed cotton and selected anti-allergic stretch material.
The result is a particularly strong and comfortable support sock that will make the legs feel and look good all day long.

SocksLane's exclusive choice of fibers effectively decrease discomfort by more than 90% compared to a traditional nylon sock, allowing people to safely wear their compression socks for much longer periods of time, thus enhancing their effectiveness.

The recently released socks are proposed in black with stylish colored stripes and in 2 different sizes. They are naturally anti-allergic, breathable, strong and easy to put on for maximum comfort and durability.

SocksLane Women Cotton compression Socks cand be found on and their Special Offer on the special dedicated webpage below:
Amanda Dixon