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SmartFinds Releases Updated 2006 Internet Marketing E-Book

The concept of Internet marketing can be reduced to content and links. SmartFinds updated Internet marketing e-book helps those who wish to pursue these methods on their own.

Bloomfield Hills, MI, February 22, 2006 --( While the overall concept of Internet marketing can be reduced to content and links, it is not the what to do, but the how. SmartFinds updated Internet marketing e-book helps those who wish to pursue these methods on their own.

The launch of the ebook introduces SmartFinds' entrée into the small business services. According to Mr. Oztalay, "Small businesses are in a dilemma when it comes to marketing their web business. In order to rank your website you need both time and financial resources. Neither is in abundance with small businesses." An article written by Mr. Oztalay on this subject can be found at:

The value of the SmartFinds Internet Marketing Ebook are the updates to market services and trends every 60 days. The updates are provided free of charge following the initial purchase. "Part of the problem with Internet marketing ebooks on the market is they do not provide regular updates in this fast changing industry", Mr. Oztalay indicated about their new release. This book is about Organic Internet Marketing, the primary service offered by SmartFinds Internet Marketing. Organic Marketing helps relieve businesses from advertising campaigns that can bleed them dry in with such methods as pay-per-click campaigns. Organic Marketing uses the natural automation of the web to drive traffic to your website.

The ebook helps you understand all the components necessary about marketing your website on the web. Also identified are those elements a business would want to avoid based on the search engine algorithm changes from late 2005. Features such as what are the important content pages for your website; search engine preferred organic marketing methods; and, how to link exchange and advertise your site within a network of 80,000 websites simultaneously are included and extend to article marketing, directory submission locations, a things to do check list, how to prepare your marketing campaign, competitor research and much more.

The ebook is delivered as a secured ebook with an access code. "In order to respect our copyright, our initial and ongoing efforts, we enveloped the original PDF document with a non-transferable ebook access code. The book cannot be passed along from one person to another for free as the access codes are monitored and can only be used on the PC that initially enters the code", mentioned Mr. Oztalay. The $59.95 fee is well worth the initial fee, especially with the ongoing updates. The ebook is only available for PC's at this time and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. "We hope to introduce a Mac option later this year", said Mr. Oztalay.

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SmartFinds Internet Marketing provides creative marketing strategies for business websites. Services include research, search engine optimization, short term advertising campaigns, long term organic marketing methods, enhanced marketing services and, campaign management and reporting. SmartFinds is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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