Timminy Press Book Release: It's a Western Massachusetts Murder Mystery

Springfield, MA, April 04, 2017 --(PR.com)-- It’s a Western Massachusetts Mystery

Coming this April 13, 2017, the paranormal crime novel Cold Case: FBI – The Salem Witch is scheduled for release at various online retailers, available in both ebook and paperback. Written by Springfield native William Dusty (author of the former blog The Springfield Intruder), The Salem Witch tells the story a mother and daughter who, ten years prior, had gone missing and are presumed dead, killed at the hands of the mother’s abusive boyfriend, who eventually walks free following an investigation that comes up with no bodies and no evidence to implicate him in the alleged crime. A decade then passes, and, while traveling through western Massachusetts on personal business, FBI Assistant Director Marvin Ledds happens upon a newspaper story detailing the 10th anniversary of the long-unsolved case. Ledds decides that he has just the man—and just the right woman—to help solve this heartbreaking mystery.

Background & Setting

Cold Case: FBI – The Salem Witch is the first of two books set for release in 2017. (The second book, Cold Case: FBI – The Curse of the Bayous, is scheduled for summer release.) The story unfolds in Hadley, Massachusetts, where a mother and daughter have gone missing and their whereabouts and fate remain a painful mystery for ten years. Enter FBI Special Agents Sam Nicks, Danny Fielding, and the mysterious Joanna Weirdlee, who arrive in the neighboring small city of Northampton to begin their own investigation. Nicks, for his part, is distrustful of local police, while Special Agent Weirdlee uses her ethereal powers to deceive the guilty and help bring healing to the innocent who, in her mind, have been suffering for far too long.

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Review Copies

An advance PDF copy of The Salem Witch is available to any interested media. A review copy of the paperback edition can be delivered on request following publication. Email Bill Dusty at wdusty@timminypress.com to inquire.

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