Augustine Consulting, Inc. Launches a New B2B Messaging System

Seattle-based consulting company introduces Dead Drop, a new business to business messaging system.

DuPoint, WA, April 05, 2017 --( Businesses these days are quite spoiled when it comes to choices for cloud-based messaging and digital workspace systems. Depending on the needs of your company, there is a communication or virtual collaboration system that you can check out for a good fit. And confident to join the ranks of trusted cloud-based systems is the new kid in town, Dead Drop.

Dead Drop is a business to business messaging solution that will allow you to communicate, share files, and collaborate with external business partners securely. The name is a espionage term, referring to a way information or items are passed between individuals using a secret location. Taking the name inspiration seriously, the makers of Dead Drop promise a system that will get a nod of approval from Agent 007 himself.

It goes without saying that Dead Drop boasts of tough security features and fantastic support. The system, however, also comes chock full of features that render it a cut above the rest. One of the things that makes Dead Drop leagues ahead of other B2B messaging systems is the flat and fixed membership fee. A Dead Drop account costs only $79. Unlike other digital workspace systems, Dead Drop comes with a fixed and flat rate. No matter the size of your team or the scope of projects, you pay only a monthly fee of $79. Some systems also charge per project. But not Dead Drop. Your $79 Dead Drop account will allow you to work with as many team members or projects as you need.

Other wonderful features of this new business to business messaging system includes the ability to add calendars for tracking project progress, unlimited bandwidth and file storage, up to 5GB file sharing per instance, and an audit trail for staying on top of everything that goes on in your Dead Drop account.

About Dead Drop
Dead Drop is a product of Augustine Consulting, Inc, a Seattle-based company founded in 2007.

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