New Novel Coming of Age Story about Young Man Who Takes Wrong Turn

Dog Ear Publishing releases a new book in which a young man, Louis Bourbon, struggles to claw his way out of dire straits, while his former school mate looks to change the world, in a parable of modern Western society.

Indianapolis, IN, April 05, 2017 --( Dog Ear Publishing’s new novel “Three Dots to the Deluge” is by turns disturbing and blackly humorous in a style reminiscent of Céline. Louis Bourbon is someone who wants better for himself: better clothes, better food, a better life. When he procures a credit card, he’s eager to use it to impress his peers, but all too soon, he’s overcome by debt. And, as Louis observes, “Debt, I was quickly learning, was like quicksand: the more effort you make to escape it, the more it sucks you in.”

When he moves on to college, his financial woes only deepen. With the expenses of medical school looming and a poor investment putting him into further debt, Louis takes drastic action to dig himself out of the bottomless pit he finds himself in. He turns to a pimp of his acquaintance to learn the trade, but when the girl he hopes to partner with spurns him, he flees to Cuba to so that he can, in his words, take a “holiday from myself.”

Upon Louis’s return to Canada, he buckles down and alters his habits enough to make his dreams of becoming a doctor come true. Even though he gets his financial house in order, his personal life is still chaos, which includes a brief, but intense affair with a married woman. He crosses paths with an old friend, Sosthène, who is an ardent Socialist and desperate to liberate Quebec from Canada. Sosthène’s political ambitions cause Louis concern, but Sosthène’s decision to commit a bank robbery as an act of vengeance against the Establishment is farther than Louis is willing to go. Will Sosthène’s plan come to fruition, and can Louis get his life in order?

“Three Dots to the Deluge” is a fascinating look at one man’s eagerness to grow beyond his background, and another man’s dream of seeking justice in an unjust universe. The twists and turns that mark their respective paths are at turns dramatic and funny. The novel’s exploration of debt, divertissement, and death is unsentimental and entertaining, while its critique of liberal democracy is unflinching.

Three Dots to the Deluge
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-4958-8 316 pages $14.99 US Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4575-5264-9 $9.99 US eBook

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