UTK Games Announces a New Trivia Game "Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Do It"

A rising star of American board games, “Eat it, Drink it, Smoke it, Do It” (EDSD), has just premiered on Indiegogo and is including an attractive early-bird price for the game itself.

Seattle, WA, April 12, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Perhaps most enticing about this game is its ease of play. Not only are the rules in the title, but the whole setup takes less than 10 seconds. Included with the board are 300 playing cards, 32 award cards, an instruction card, 8 pawns, and 1 die. The challenge arises in the player’s ability to answer the questions written on each card with one of four possible answers: Eat, Drink, Smoke, or Do. Oftentimes more than one answer will be appropriate, with the card dictating which response is worth more points. “Sauce,” for example, could be “eaten” as a condiment, “drank” as an alcohol, or “done” (as in, “being saucey”). The number of points dictates how far the player is allowed to move their piece to the finish line. Shaking things up are the special “award cards,” multiple player options, and tricky keywords to stretch player’s minds toward the possible answers.

EDSD is a cocktail of fun and embarrassment, expected to inject game nights and parties alike with hilarity and laughter. The key to the game is its simplicity. The minimal strategy paves the way for players’ best asset: their own wit. Though each of the 300 cards has one best answer, the true spark of game comes from the often inappropriately clever responses.


Behind this game is a team of artists working tirelessly to bring EDSD to the forefront of the dinner party scene. Your best tools to help them accomplish their goal is to spread the word and become a backer. Share on social media, and consider the most popular “Signed & Fitted” perk, that will set you up with a limited-edition copy of the game, a quotable t-shirt, access to online content, and a free download of the mobile app, all for $65. For more information, peruse their Indiegogo campaign page.
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