Prominent Brain Surgeon Develops App Protecting Teens and Tweens Using Their Smartphones, Helping Good Parents Become Smarter Parents

Social media ignites with announcement of new app to help parents manage smartphone use by teens and tweens.

New Bedford, MA, April 07, 2017 --( Social Judo, a technologically advanced smartphone app developed by a brain surgeon from New Bedford to help good parents protect their children in cyberspace is now available for download. In cyberspace, any child can go anywhere with anyone, without their parent's permission, or their knowledge. Social Judo paves the way for mothers and fathers to gain an advantage in parenting their children on the Internet. It is this application that will have every child in cyberspace knowing that parents that care are tuned into their behavior and their actions in a sector that is currently and entirely unsupervised. Social Judo is the Internet app that will establish the new paradigm of responsible parenting in cyberspace.

“In today's age, the smartphone can be something that can lead a teen or tween into very dangerous situations of all kinds,” said Andrea DiFilippo, LICSW. “It's only natural that a parent would want to keep an eye on this activity, and make sure any rules they have for phones and cyberspace are followed.” To that end, Social Judo, the exciting new app that delivers a long list of features to keep parents in touch with what their children are doing on their phones, celebrated a successful Beta testing run and now has the full version of their app available for download by users in both Android and iOS (Apple). Many parents would love a way to be alerted on things their teens and tweens are doing on their smartphones, from text messaging using profanity, to whom they are calling late at night, to what websites they are visiting. Social Judo delivers all this not by spying but by alerting parents in a very smooth and non-intrusive way. Databases of bullying terms, sexting terms, suicidal key phrases, profanity usage and more are checked. “It’s a parenting moment,” says DiFilippo.

“Social Judo is where good parents become smarter parents,” commented Dr. Matthew Philips, neurosurgeon and President of Social Judo. “We are looking forward to having the opportunity to help parents keep their families much more safe and secure.”

The name Social Judo embodies the concept of a martial art; it envisions using the power of the internet to protect children from the power of the internet. The idea is leveraging the good parts of the internet to counter the bad parts of the internet, just like the martial art of Judo uses the power of an opponent to leverage the outcome of a contest.

Per the company, parents get alerts on their phone as they relate to the child's phone, alerts for profanity, pornography, nudity, bullying, suicide prevention, and sexting, just to name a few. Parents can enjoy these benefits without “Jail Breaking” or “Rooting” their phones – a very important factor for people who don't want to void phone warranties, which can occur with some installed applications.

Feedback from parents has already been very positive. Carla M., from Rhode Island, recently said in a five-star review, “Social Judo woke me up to some very inappropriate messages being sent by an older boy to my 14-year-old daughter and I was able to put an end to it before it became something else. Every parent of a young teen should make sure they have Social Judo installed. Fully recommended.”

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