Hyper Piper Productions Announces a Sci Fi Tv Series, "Hyper Piper and the Adventures on I.V.I.," Created by a 12-Year-Old, Sabrina Layman

“Hyper Piper and the Adventures on I.V.I.” will be filmed in July and August 2017, and features a stellar cast of actors and actresses, including Sabrina Layman, Matthew Ewald, Tanya Topazio, Mike Lamb, Shannon DeSalvo, and Isabella Alberti.

Charlotte, NC, April 07, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Hyper Piper Productions has social media pages for the TV Series, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (“hyperpipertv”). There are 13 episodes that have been developed, and can be filmed to completely tell the story.

In the first episode of “Hyper Piper and the Adventures on I.V.I.”, Hyper Piper and her four friends find out that they need to work together to solve quests which will defeat the evil Intergalactic Gloop, the ruler on the purple planet of I.V.I., and save Earth from destruction. Hyper Piper’s father, Miper, has been on the Outer Planets Research Space Station (OPRSS) for five years, studying the planet, and he and other scientists are trying to figure out how to tell people on Earth about the threat from I.V.I., without causing chaos and fear. The mysterious Principal Leadier, provides clues to the kids to help them on their journey and with their mission to protect Earth.

Sabrina’s hope in creating “Hyper Piper and the Adventures on I.V.I.” is to inspire kids to follow their dreams, work hard towards their goals, and never give up. She also hopes that teens and tweens will look at the Kennedy Space Station for future career paths, and keep a sense of wonder and discovery about our universe and beyond. She hopes to have a large screen filming of the first episode, where she can give a large percentage of ticket sales to charities that help kids with access to education.

To view videos and information about this exciting, new TV series, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hyperpipertv/hyper-piper-and-the-adventures-on-ivi-tv-series. (Kickstarter: “hyperpipertv”).
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