Study Tool to Make Studying Easier

He's been using this technique for years, just releases it.

Seattle, WA, April 07, 2017 --( Study Therapy Product Launch

Study Therapy is a tool that uses your sense of smell to help you study smarter. It’s a glass-cut pendant filled with high-grade oils that diffuses a new and unfamiliar scent within a twelve-inch radius. Wear the pendant while you study, and again when you take your exam. The scent will help you remember what you studied. This phenomenon is known as associative memory.

Study Therapy can be used by anyone who needs a boost on their college exams, or standardized tests. Study Therapy may also be especially useful for those with dyslexia or any other form of learning disability since it acts as a multisensory method of studying.

Study Therapy has just been launched and is live on Kickstarter now.

Please visit the link below to see the campaign:

Founder Remarks

“I am a student at the University of Washington majoring in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I am also pursuing the UW Foster Professional Sales Certificate and am in the process of obtaining my real estate license. To say the least, I spend a lot of time studying and needed to find a way to make my time more efficient. That’s how I came up with Study Therapy. I didn't intend to make this product for everyone, I just built it for myself and my friends started asking for it. I chose to launch on Kickstarter so my friends (and anyone who wanted it) could, in a sense, pre-order it at a limited time discounted price. I personally view Study Therapy as an investment to one’s education.”

Michael is available for one-on-one questions and interviews.
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