COMPEX Has Implemented in Oman a Pilot Project on Associated Gas

COMPEX 11 gas compressor was installed for trial operation in a pilot project on utilization of associated gas for Petroleum Development Oman.

Muscat, Oman, April 13, 2017 --( Gas compressor COMPEX 11 was launched at a trial operation as a part of a pilot project on utilization of associated gas for the major Oil and Gas Company of Oman – Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). The equipment was installed in one of the fields of the Oil Corporation, located on territory of the Arabian Desert.

The compressor is a part of a power station on the basis of Capstone C200 micro turbine and is designed for conditioning of associated gas at the inlet to power plant. Its power consumption is 11 kW. The compressor was manufactured at the Russian plant COMPEX in compliance with all requirements of international standards and peculiarities of equipment operation in conditions of high dusty and hot climate, typical of deserts. In manufacturing process of the compressor, all its parts and components were tested at elevated temperatures, which ensure a reliable operation range up to +55oC. Due to this, the equipment was placed at the facility under a quick-mounting shelter, without the use of air conditioning and cooling systems, providing savings in capital costs. Currently, COMPEX 11 booster compressor stably and smoothly provides associated gas conditioning for micro turbines including purification from mechanical impurities, separation and compression up to pressure of 6 bar. The operation is carried out without the constant presence of staff. At the end of the planned period of trial operation PDO is planning to replicate this solution in other remote fields, including on the gas from annular space.
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