KPC Group Begins Exploration in South Africa Ahead of Schedule

KPC Group completed a large-scale 2D and 4D seismic survey with coverage of 1,650 linear km in the Orange Basin off the west coast of South Africa and has now begun drilling.

Manama, Bahrain, April 13, 2017 --( KPC Groups Senior Geophysical Analyst said “We began drilling of the first 4,900 m prospecting and appraisal well (X1) in the Orange Basin license area eight months ahead of the scheduled deadline and we are the first company to drill a well of such depth in the region”. He also said “Our new 4D seismic survey equipment played a big part in the exploration giving us a significant improvement on data and time taken to complete the survey.”

Well No. X1 is a vertical six-string well. It is expected to take around a year to drill and mount according to the design specifications. KPC Group carried out the 1,650 seismic surveys in less than sixteen months utilizing over 23,000 tons of equipment and materials shipped in from Bahrain.

Madhol was keen to point out that the discoveries don’t compare to the significant finds off Argentina but said, “Our ongoing advances in the field of 4D seismic surveying has taken us to the forefront of this technology with several of the world’s largest oil producers looking to make use of our experience and technological advances.”

KPC Group stated that all construction works at the Orange basin license area will involve cutting-edge technologies and will be aligned with international environmental standards.
KPC Group
Brian Henderson