Spincast Lands Tears of a Broken Virgin, a Film by Ifu Ennada

Spincast TV proudly announces the inclusion of Tears of a Broken Virgin, a powerful short film inspired by a real event about rape and unconventional revenge.

Orlando, FL, April 14, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Spincast TV, in partnership with Prince Nnamdi Adigwu, is thrilled to add to our lineup, this timely film set in Nigeria, about a vengeful rape victim who goes on an unconventional revenge mission against the man she least expected. The original screenplay is written and produced by Ifu Ennada and directed by Benedict (Benny) Alli Atagagame. This is a story of how anger and violent rape effects women in every part of the world.

Mario L. Castellanos, CEO of Spincast, Inc. stated, “We are deeply honored to air this short yet powerful film based on a real life event by Ifu Ennada. Every day, we hear of this insidious act committed, not only between strangers upon strangers, but between someone who until that moment, held every trust in the violator.” Castellanos added, “We want to bring this story to light. We believe the more people who see the despair in the victim’s face and see the harm done, will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.” Added Prince Adigwu, “I'm happy to have orchestrated this deal with both parties and look forward to a positive response to this powerful Short Film." Ifu Ennada said, “I'm thrilled to have my film on Spincast. I'm ecstatic because Spincast’s viewers are increasing worldwide and they'll get to see the powerful message my film, Tears of a Broken Virgin has.” Ms. Ennada added, “I'm grateful to everyone that's made this possible and I'm glad to have partnered with Mr. Castellanos.”

About Ifu Ennada or E&E Expressions.
Ifu Ennada is a professional actress, TV Host/Presenter, TV content creator, producer, writer, dancer, singer and entrepreneur. As an actress she's been active for two yrs and received an AMAA nomination in 2016 for Best Young and Promising Actor for her role in CJ Obasi's O Town. As a TV content creator and producer Ifu has over 6 years experience working with several media and entertainment outfits. She has contributed to popular shows like Etisalat Easy Cliq Fest, Dynamix On TV, Dynamix Awards and Video Wheels.

Tears of a Broken Virgin is her debut effort as a film producer. An anti rape story which she wrote and acted in. Ifu also co wrote and performed the main sound track, Revenge which was produced by DJ Toxic. Her production outfit E & E Expressions which is the parent company of Ifu Ennada productions is responsible for creating and producing Television and Film and Media Content including Tears of a Broken Virgin. They have several projects in progress including the expansion of Tears of a Broken Virgin into a feature length film that's been given the tentative title, Ada Agbara.

About Prince Nnamdi Adigwu
Prince Adigwu is an Int'l film and TV sales agent. He is also an Entertainment Executive with World Nation Live Entertainment Inc., and Streamnet TV, both leading entertainment companies in the U.S.

About Spincast
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