Back to Basics Expands Personalized Professional Development Programs for Delaware Educators and Administrators

Back to Basics Learning Dynamics has recently expanded its Professional Development Programs to meet the unique, stated needs of each school.

Wilmington, DE, April 14, 2017 --( Back to Basics Learning Dynamics has recently expanded its Professional Development Programs for educators, staff and administrators in Delaware. Each of the programs is custom-designed to meet the unique, stated needs of each school.

“Teachers and administrators know that in order to maximize effectiveness in the classroom, individualized professional development is vital,” explains Back to Basics Director Beverly Stewart, M.Ed. “Our programs help education professionals stay abreast of the latest developments in methodology, curriculum, and social/emotional wellness.”

Back to Basics’ programs not only fulfill Delaware state requirements for professional development clock hours, they go far beyond standard, pre-packaged lecture-style classes. Instead, educators, staff and administrators have a hand in creating just the right program for their school.

Professional Development is defined by the state as, “a combination of focused, in-depth learning, practice, feedback, reflection, and expert support experiences designed to change participants’ attitudes, insights, and/or perspectives; and ultimately results in improved professional practice.” Currently, the State of Delaware requires every educator to complete 90 clock hours of professional development over the five-year renewal cycle of a Continuing License. And, a wide variety of professional development activities designed to enhance the educators’ abilities are available through Back to Basics.

“At Back to Basics, we know that one size never fits all,” says Stewart. “Our Professional Development Programs address very specific needs, challenges, and goals, helping teachers create an atmosphere of success in the classroom and beyond. With our support, teachers, staff and administrators alike enhance their skills, and learn how to create a positive, progressive school and classroom atmosphere.”

Recent examples of Professional Development Programs presented include “RTI Support and Implementation,” “Supporting Mental Health and Wellness--Assisting Students with Anxiety, Depression, and Childhood Trauma,” “Autism Spectrum Disorder--Assessment, Intervention, and Classroom Inclusion Strategies,” “How ADHD Impacts Peer Relationships and Learning,” “Utilizing Assessment Data to Build More Efficient Lesson Planning,” and “Differentiating Instruction.” These examples highlight the tremendous range of topics which are customized to each school request, and tailored to the needs of that audience.

In addition to popular day programs, Back to Basics also offers sustainable programs. These are longer term and provide not only comprehensive instruction, but also ongoing mentoring and teacher observations, as well, allowing teachers the time it takes to become truly exceptional at the teaching craft. Ongoing collaboration can include needs and goals assessments, reviewing test scores and report card data, providing pedagogical support, evaluating current PLPs, and helping to develop PLC content.

Back to Basics’ Professional Development Programs are available throughout the State of Delaware. For more information or to arrange a program at your school, contact Erin Brenner at 302.594.0754 or erin (at) backtobasicslearning (dot) com.

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