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The music industry will never be the same.

Maitland, FL, April 13, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Music entertainment is a $50 billion revenue-maker worldwide. It’s perceived as both an arena barred by gatekeepers and an over-saturated market simultaneously.

Enter Bandbasher; pulling back the curtain.

Bandbasher is the tool for controlling music careers. The site revolutionizes how bands, vocalists, songwriters, producers, engineers and DJs learn about the industry and what it takes to forge a successful career where so many have either failed or given up.

It takes dedication and Bandbasher is the compass.

The site provides a platform to learn the industry from the point-of-view its users are already pursuing. With Bandbasher users gain tailored, industry knowledge through step-by-step instruction in areas like branding, collaborating, promoting yourself and how not to get screwed over.

Bandbasher offers artists the ability to set up collaborations with clearly defined goals, like recording a single track or mixing an album. Bandbasher’s BandPay collects funds prior to recording and releases them at project completion. The site also features tools to track earnings, pay and be paid for collaborations, and book studio time all in one place.

Artist Tracker updates with real-time social media stats. It doesn’t sugar coat performance metrics, but provides real numbers on which to grow.

Finally there’s a platform that allows industry hopefuls to work as hard as they decide to. Opportunities don’t wait. Artists need to build a career one block at a time because there’s no skipping steps.

“Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle. You can’t fail until you quit.” - Russell Simmons
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