Edward James Olmos to Headline Launch on Cultural Investment Group in SF

Edward James Olmos to Headline new Investment Event at 32TEN studios(Formerly ILM) in May. This event is investors only, and is the first in a series from Cultural Capital Investments and will feature Pitches from 5 cultural organizations and the technology that supports the. Rick Najera and Michal Olmos will also be in attendance. The Event is the Brainchild of Ben Yennie, Roger Royse, and has received support from Sergio Togliatti.

San Francisco, CA, April 14, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Cultural Capital Investments (CCI) is a newly established investment organization aimed at creating sustainable asset classes out of various cultural industries and the technologies that support them. These are industries like Film/Media, Restaurant, Wine business, Spirits, Breweries, gaming, and more. The Organization is the brainchild of Ben Yennie and Roger Royse with strong support from Sergio Togliatti of La Honda Films.

The launch event will be held at 32Ten Studios (former ILM facility) on May 23 and will feature Edward James Olmos. The event will feature 5 total pitches from film, media, food wine, and the tech that supports it. If successful, the organization seeks to replicate the event again in the fall, and as often as quarterly in 2018. While tickets are free, the event will be open to accredited investors only. Investors will undergo screening to see if they are actively investing, and ensure that they have access to capital to invest.

The Goal of CCI is to bring investors interested in diversifying their portfolios a more sustainable way to invest in industries outside of technology and finance, and in turn bring more private equity to industries currently ignored by the sector. CCI brings investors vetted investments from these industries, packaged with what they need to stand the best chance of financial success possible.

The pitches at the launch event include a documentary on the Mayan pyramids to be pitched by Rick Najera, Michael Olmos, Kenin Beattie and will feature Edward James Olmos, and include a VR counterpart. The night will also feature a pitch for project from the venue host at 32Ten Studios, a pitch from a food company, another from a wine company, and a technology pitch from ProductionNext, a software platform supporting film and media. Future Pitch events will be a similar mix of investments, and every pitch will bring something of a demo, be it food, wine, a celebrity, or a giveaway.

Members of the organization team at CCI are well aware of the reputation of all of these asset classes. CCI believes much of that is due to poor management of the investment, and other more problems more easily fixed as opposed to obstacles that are impossible to overcome. The group isn’t expecting to find too many decacorns, but there’s a chance to curate a profitable portfolio of investments with the bonus of the occasional big win.

The end goal is to integrate some Silicon Valley financing and Investment concepts to other industries, and help mitigate the risk involved in many of these industries. CCI hopes that others will follow their example, so that we can overcome the stigma associated with film investment. Find out more on the Eventbrite.
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