New Artificial Grass Product Breathes Life Into Mexico’s Tough Conditions for Sport

Nanjing, China-based CCGrass sees new product acceptance among Mexico’s footballers.

Nanjing, China, April 15, 2017 --( The people of Mexico are passionate about many things, but football must be pretty near the top of the list. Its playing surfaces, on the other hand, are less than enthusiastic about the country’s climate. Now, new products, from the world’s largest producer of artificial turf, CCGrass, are well on their way toward combatting the harsh conditions served up by the weather and geography to Mexico’s footballers.

With what is now the 13th largest economy in the world, or 11th if measured using Purchasing Power Parity as suggested by the International Monetary Fund, Mexico is booming. In the last four years, exports from Mexican factories have risen by 13 percent while tourism from abroad is up 25 percent as Mexico City competes with São Paulo in Brazil for the title of Latin America’s richest city.

However, when it comes to developing the country’s sporting industries, the severe climate of Mexico presents many challenges, not least on account of its great variety. From the dry winters of the humid and subtropical Lago de Camйcuaro or the Alpine tundra of Nevado de Toluca, to the tropical monsoon conditions seen in Chontalpa or the heat of semi arid Guamъchil, playing surfaces for football in Mexico are rarely ideal.

Light at the end of the tunnel comes in the form of innovative artificial turf pitches, such as the new Venus and PRT series from CCGrass. In particular, the company’s Venus range of turf comprises tough products that can withstand harsh conditions; in Mexico’s climate many other softer products “lie down” after a long period of use.

New to the market, the PRT series is also an ideal fit for Mexico. In light of its special design with no coating that allows water to drain through the whole backing evenly and quickly, CCGrass Marketing Manager, Deng Hua, spoke of his recent trip to the central American country, recalling, “The owner of sporting facility construction company tested the water permeability immediately, then and there in his office, with a plant pot!”

There remains some way to go. Despite being a so-called super soccer country, investment in football pitches in Mexico is still far below expectations. The country has a proliferation of cheap artificial grass pitches, with tufting as short as 12mm, which is very harmful for players. A healthy product need be at least 40 mm, 70 percent of which shall be infill.

To combat both the aggressive climate and provide the most healthy option for Mexicans passionate about playing football on a daily basis, CCgrass has provided super long 55mm tufted turf at several pitch rental installations. The result is a footballer’s heaven, in which the sport is played 24/7, something impossible on natural turf in a place such as Mexico.

So while The World Trade Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development both rate Mexicans as the hardest-working people in the world, as measured by the number of hours worked annually, new products such as those now being rolled out by CCGrass mean that they can play hard too, all year round.
Mr. Deng Hua